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Scriptwriters’ Income Survey 2022

An essential insight into payments across Radio, Film, TV, Theatre and Animation. Read More

Sunday Times Features WGI Campaign

. Read More

Screen Ireland Publishes New Sustainability Plan for the Screen Industry Outlining Sustainability and Inclusion Ambitions

Plan outlines agency’s ambitions to help work towards lowering the carbon footprint of Ireland’s screen industry. Read More

Future of Film Incubator

A unique opportunity to hone your storytelling talent and get your project made. Read More

Exec Producer Campaign

The Writers’ Guild of Ireland is launching a campaign to recognise the role of writers as Executive Producers. Read More

€300 million Greystones Media Campus

Ireland’s largest studio complex with more than 670,000 square feet of studio space. Read More

Screen Stakeholders Funding Scheme

Supports skills development for the wider screen sector in Ireland. Read More

Diversity and Inclusion Focus Groups

The purpose of the focus groups is to provide a safe space for members to share their experiences within the Guild including their perception of the culture, procedures, policies and practices of WGI. Read More

Esker Arts Centre Seek Artistic Director

Responsible for the strategic development, the artistic programming and the financial and operational management of the centre. Read More

A Landmark Moment

Catherine Martin delivered on a Basic Income Scheme For Artists. Hooray! Read More