While you write, we campaign for your rights;
for better recognition, remuneration and more control over the work you create.

In short; for all the credit you deserve.

The elevator pitch

The WGI represents over 500 Irish writers for film, television, theatre, radio, animation and games. We campaign to ensure writers are recognized as the creative force without which, there is no production. All Guild members have access to bespoke networking events, expert advice on contracts, funding alerts through our newsletter, and an annual awards ceremony that celebrates their achievements.

We advocate…

…ceaselessly for our writers.

We spend our days (and many evenings!) lobbying on behalf of our members to government bodies, broadcasters, producers, directors and industry stakeholders. Close ties to our Guild partners and working groups across Europe means we’re always up to speed on new legislation that impacts writers’ rights. Be assured, if writers are involved, we’ll be at the table.

We connect…

…our writers to each other and the industry.

We know writers tend to fly solo, and yet we’ve seen informal writers’ groups flourish on the back of Guild-hosted socials. Our professional networking events have a proven track record in matching members with producers and directors. And our fortnightly newsletter is essential reading, featuring work opportunities and industry deadlines, along with regular shout-outs for our members’ achievements.

We celebrate…

…our writers’ achievements.

Writers aren’t generally known for self-praise. So we do it for them. Every year we host the annual Zebbie Awards; a public affirmation and a proud honouring of our writers’ craft and talent, by the people who know what they’re talking about; your peers. Go to Zebbies.

Our History

The Writers’ Guild of Ireland is the representative body for writers in Ireland, across film, television, theatre, radio, animation and games.

It was founded as SIP, the Society of Irish Playwrights, in 1969 and became IPSG, the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild in 2001 and then the Writers Guild of Ireland in 2012. The WGI is a founder member of the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe [FSE] and a member of the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds [IAWG].

It has a joint membership agreement with the Writers Guild of Great Britain and an agreement with the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society.

A voice for writers by writers – Download our manifesto

Our board

The WGI board is made up of members from across our industry. Our gender-balance ensures the broadest range of opinion and expertise. As a group, we determine the Guild’s most pressing issues, campaigns and events, and decide how to use our resources to best support our members.

Our team

The WGI staff understand the issues you face and the questions you need answered.

Be part of the conversation

It’s your Guild. Your voice makes us stronger and more powerful. Our AGM is an opportunity for you to speak up on the issues you’re most passionate about. Meantime, if there’s anything you feel we should be doing that we’re not, or if you just want to introduce yourself, drop us a line. [email protected]

Professional toolkit

Dive into our resource-hub of expert tips, insights and advice; a better class of writerly displacement.

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