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Colin Murphy

Colin Murphy's play 'A Day in May' is returning to the Pavilion Theatre October 26-29. Read More

Sinéad O’Loughlin

Sinéad O'Loughlin's short film 'Lamb' has a number of upcoming screenings. Read More

Michael J. Harnett

The filmed version of Michael J. Harnett's play 'The Noble Call' is screening at the IFI on Thursday 20th October.. Read More

Stewart Roche

Stewart Roche's co-adaptation of the M.R. James classic 'Lost Hearts' opens at Bewleys. Read More

David Gilna

David Gilna’s new play 'A Bolt From D’Blue' will be returning back to New York this November. Read More

Dermott Petty

Dermott Petty's play '2 Days In September' will be performed at the Miltown Malbay Community Centre in Co Clare on Saturday, October 8th. Read More