Ella Skolimowski’s ‘Looking Cis’


Ella Skolimowski’s Looking Cis is playing at the Teachers Club 1-6 May 7.30pm, with 4pm matinees on the 1st & 6th as part of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival


Tickets €10/13/15

Ella’s just been voted off ‘Ireland’s enbyist enby’ for being old, looking cis, and saying things she probably shouldn’t. This is her exit interview. On the brink of infamy, she’ll have to bare her soul to the nation if she wants to find her way back. Why does she keep insisting things were better in the 90s? Will there ever be non-binary gender recognition certificates? And can you really spot an enby by their hair? A provocative satire about gender, sex, nostalgia, cancel culture and reality TV.

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