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WGGB Webinar: A celebration of contemporary Black writing talent

Carol Russell, Matilda Feyiṣayọ Ibini, Mariama Ives-Moiba and Corey Brotherson share their writing successes, and those of other contemporary and up-and-coming Black writers, across screen, theatre, audio, videogames and books. Read More

Writers’ Guild of Ireland to host World Conference of Screenwriters 2024 in Galway next October

Theme of conference is ‘Global Power, Global Solidarity’ Read More

Books to Screen Invite for WGI Members

The SDGI have kindly extended an invitation to attend their upcoming Books to Screen event with Publishing Ireland & WGI members are also welcome to turn up to the post-event drinks reception. Read More

Culture Crush

A collaborative event for professionals working in the creative sectors. Read More

Dublin International Comedy Film Festival

. Read More

Watch WGGB Webinar: Soap and glory – the unsung heroes of popular drama series

WGGB chair Lisa Holdsworth celebrates the league of writers whose work has fed, and continues to fuel, the nation's favourite and enduring drama series. Read More

Athena Film Festival Writers Lab 

A three-day creative development workshop for emerging writers. Read More

Get the Inside Scoop: Open Call 2024

Meet the BBC Writersroom team and some of the development groups' alumni. Read More

100 pages in 10 weeks: Screenwriting Workshop

BAFTA member and award-winning producer Carl Schoenfeld is running his popular screenwriting workshop again in 2024. Read More

Exploring and Thinking Practice Sharing Event

For artists, educators, policy makers, arts managers and anyone with an interest in early childhood arts. Read More