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Survival: Artists Salon

How do artists get by? Read More

First Fortnight

Takes place from 6 - 15 January. Read More

Contracts, Your Rights & The EU Copyright Directive

Speakers include WGI Director Hugh Farley. Read More

FÍS TV Summit 2023

The 5th annual FÍS TV Summit returns to Galway on Thursday, February 2nd, 2023. Read More

CBW Workshop #5 

How we can anticipate and manage change by mapping existing collective agreements in the EU with a  focus on global streamers. Read More

CBW Workshop #4

Common priorities for transnational aspects of collective bargaining. Read More

ITI Offers Board Training for Theatre Artists and Arts Workers

A 2-day training for people who want to learn more about being on a Board. Read More

Communications: How to Talk about Sustainability on Set

Practical actions that can be taken to ensure that sustainability is at the core of productions. Read More

Reworking Folklore in Sound, Stage and Screen

The Creative Arts Research Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology welcomes participants to a symposium on the theme of reworking in Irish folklore. Read More

Supporting Inclusion In Youth Theatre Symposium at UCC

Explores how youth theatres are currently developing inclusive practice. Read More