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Artists Contracts Workshop

Learn about the importance of contracts. Read More

Screenwriters Panel at DIFF

Learn more about contemporary Irish screenwriting. Read More

Navigating the Business of Writing with Jennifer Davidson

This workshop will tackle resilience, goal setting, pitching, knowing your value, and the importance of saying no. Read More

Invitation to Celebrate the Merge between VDD and Kontrakt 18 in Berlin

. Read More

Invitation CBW Workshop #6

FSE invite you to the last workshop of a series of six focusing on "Strengthening Collective Bargaining for Audiovisual Creators". Read More

WFT & WGI Panel Podcast: Next Steps – Forging a Career Over 40

A panel discussion on the opportunities available for writers over the age of forty. Read More

WFT Writers Room – Well-being and Resilience with Johanna Thea

A supportive online space where both WFT and WGI members can ask honest and in-depth questions. Read More

Survival: Artists Salon

How do artists get by? Read More

First Fortnight

Takes place from 6 - 15 January. Read More

Contracts, Your Rights & The EU Copyright Directive

Speakers include WGI Director Hugh Farley. Read More