Preparing for Berlin for Writers, Directors & Producers

Fine-tuning preparation for the European Film Market in Berlin

Screen Ireland is offering 5 x 2 hour programmes which will focus on fine-tuning preparation for the European Film Market in Berlin. It will be an immersive process with 10 participants focusing on:

Berlin as a Business Opportunity: Tuesday, 13th December 2022
Global Storytelling: Tuesday, 17th January 2023
Pitching & Negotiation: Tuesday, 31st January 2023
Pitching dry run & final tips: Tuesday, 14th February 2023
Effective Follow Up (TBC): Tuesday, 7th March 2023

Participant Profile
This programme is aimed at Writers, Directors and Producers.

Application Procedure
Please apply online by Thursday, 8th December 2022, 10am, outlining in brief your focus for attending the course.

Apply here

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