Screen Ireland Adjust Investment Thresholds

Adjuutments made to the investment thresholds available across production funding.

Screen Ireland has completed a review of editorial policy and funding principles, which will be announced in September along with a number of new initiatives for the industry. An industry event will be held in September 2022 which will present new and updated funding streams across production and development and new guiding principles across all areas of funding.

The agency has also adjusted the investment thresholds available across production funding to support creative excellence and strong production values within a highly competitive international marketplace.

All new investment thresholds will take effect as of Friday, July 1st.

Live Action Fiction: Irish Production
  • Up to €2 million: Up to €750,000 (previously €600,000 / €650,000)
  • From €2 million to €5 million: Up to €850,000 (previously €750,000 / €800,000)
  • From €5 million to €15 million: Up to €950,000 (previously €900,000)
Live Action Fiction: Creative Co-Production
  • Up to €350,000 (identical)
  • If post-production is the only work carried out in Ireland, up to €150,000
TV Drama Production

Projects up to €6 million

  • 20% of Budget to a max of €650,000 (Previously 10% / €600,000)

Projects of €6 million +

  • 10% of Budget to a max of €950,000
Animation: Television Production
  • €400,000 Investment (Previously €350,000)
Documentary Feature Film Production
  • 65% of budget to a max of €250,000

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