Award-winning Screenplay by Irish Writer Ruth Finnegan Now Available as a Produced Movie

Ruth Finnegan's short film 'A Moment I Remember' is now available to watch on Vimeo.

Ruth Finnegan’s short film A Moment I Remember is now available to watch on Vimeo.

Two outwardly successful but still traumatised once-lovers accidentally run into each other in a railway station years after a mutually misunderstood  encounter  that had rocked their lives. In the short moments before his  train departs  they must try to come to terms with  their still searing multi-layered memories but what will be the outcome?

The short film stars Franca Aernan (PhD) and John Tumeun who also doubles as the director.

A Moment I Remember has won several awards including Vegas Movie Awards 2019, Global Shorts Award winner 2021, Watch Out International Film Festival, Winner 2021, Mumbai Bollywood International Film Festival, Winner 2022, INDO French International Film Festival, Winner 2022, Karukrit International Film Festival – Himachal Pradesh, Winner, 2022, Adbhooture Film Festival, Winner 2021, Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge, Winner, 2021.

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