WCOS 2022 Copenhagen: Fifth World Conference of Screenwriters

“Regeneration” is the main theme of WCOS 2022.

WCOS 2022 is an event for screenwriters and their guilds organised by the Danish Writers Guild in partnership with the FSE (Federation of Screenwriters in Europe) and the IAWG (International Affiliation of Writers Guilds).

Programme //

“Regeneration” is the main theme of WCOS 2022. Emerging from the grasp of the pandemic, we face a world of turmoil and distress. During two days of debates and speeches, approximately 200 to 300 writers from around the globe, guild representatives and prominent speakers will examine how the world of film and television has reacted to such turbulent times and how writers, and their guilds, continue to find ways to adapt and thrive.

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Online registration

Space will be limited so we encourage you to register at your earliest convenience. You can do so at the online link here:

All questions regarding registration: [email protected]

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