Shortlist of 10 Emerging Talents Announced for Virgin Media Discovers Short Film Competition


Ten new submissions have been shortlisted to take part in the 2022 Virgin Media Discovers Short Film Competition, benefiting from total prize fund of €200,000.

Each shortlisted project will receive an investment of €6,000 to develop their script with a mentor and the three finalists will be chosen and awarded €30,000 to bring their script to life on screen with the production of a 10-minute short film. The final production will be broadcast on Virgin Media Television and Virgin Media on Demand.

The 10 shortlisted projects are:

Always Find Him in the Kitchen At Parties (Drama) Writer/Director: Zoë Gibney & Producer: Jo Halpin

Fake it ’til you make it, that’s what Sean keeps telling himself. But how far will he go to cover his shame?

Location: Dublin

Blith (Drama) Writer/Director: Gerard Walsh & Actor: Fabu-D

David has recently moved to Ireland to create a better life for his daughter as a paediatrician. He soon finds out it’s not that simple.

Location: Dublin

Calf (Drama) Writer/Director: Jamie O’Rourke

A near fatal farm accident leaves teenager Cáit with a terrible decision to make in order to do what she must to protect her family.

Location: Tipperary

Casper (Drama) Producer: Jason Forde & Writer: Jody O’Neill

A dark film about the final week of 8-year-old autistic boy Casper’s life. Utilising straight to camera address, visuals and sound inspired by the autistic experience to mesh avant-garde documentary style with narrative.

Location: Wicklow & Cork

Coasteering (Drama) Writer/Actor: Orla Sanders & Writer: Joanne Fitzgerald

Following a series of unsuccessful rounds of IVF, Sinead runs and Peter gardens; creating life can destroy you.

Location: Dublin

Crushed (Comedy/Drama) Director: Eilís Doherty & Producer: Olivia McLaughlin

A dramedy about what happens when your feelings are strong, but your vodka is stronger. Emma battles with ‘the fear’ when she overshares about her crush on a night out.

Location: Dublin, Donegal & Kildare

Good Chips (Drama) Writer/Director: Nell Hensey & Writer: Brigid Leahy

Dublin 1989. A family of Vietnamese immigrants struggle to keep their takeaway business afloat while their 12 year old daughter befriends one of the  customers, a local Irish boy. When he disappears, she sets out to find him.

Location: Clare & Dublin

Home Safe (Neon-Noir / Thriller) Writer/Director: Jaro Waldeck & Producer: Grace Sexton

In a normal world, walking home may seem like a straight-forward thing to do. But in the world of a sketchy man, hooded and hard to read, this task proves to be quite the undertaking. What dangers can he encounter on his way home?

Location: Longford 

Unhinged (Comedy) Writer: Mary Kirwan & Director: Zoë Brennan-Whitmore

After discovering the love of her life and colleague on Tinder, a self-deprecating fat millennial must find the confidence to swipe right before his leaving party, all while navigating a fatphobic workplace

Location: Wexford, West Cork & Dublin.

Why the Sun & Moon Live in the Sky (Fantasy) Writer/Director: Aisha Bolaji & Producers: Alfonso Films

Living in the mundane suburbia of Farraig-Mor, two teens plan to escape by building a spacecraft and living in the sky.

Location: Dublin, Meath & Wicklow

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