Colin Murphy


Colin Murphy’s new play The United States v. Ulysses is getting a series of three rehearsed readings for Bloomsday at The Pavilion Theatre 16th & 17th June 2022.

Tickets here.

The United States v. Ulysses is the true story of one of the great literary trials of the 20th Century.

First published one hundred years ago, James Joyce’s Ulysses was set to revolutionise literature – and finally make Joyce financially secure – until it was banned in America.

The frank sexuality of Joyce’s characters was too much for the easily offended, and Joyce’s novel was quickly cancelled. It would take an enterprising New York publisher, a brilliant but controversial lawyer, and an eccentric judge to rescue Ulysses from obscurity.

The play tells the story of the legal odyssey that liberated Ulysses – and, with it, all of literature.

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