What’s Going On…Next Year.

So much to look forward to from WGI in the new year. Here's a sneak preview.

Thanks to the support of Screen Skills Ireland and Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, 2021 was our busiest year for mentorship schemes, webinars on a wide variety of topics and events. Fingers crossed, 2022 will be bigger still.

In spring, there’ll be videos on how to apply for Artists Tax Exemption, negotiation skills and marketing yourself to producers using our Writing Talent In Ireland directory.

We’ll be running a number of initiatives to grow the diversity of our membership and providing supports to novices.

There’ll be webinars a plenty touching on topics like: collaborating with directors, the nuts and bolts of contracts and various pieces on the state of the market for writing.

Assuming public health conditions improve, we hope to offer some face-to-face events such as a writer/producers networking opportunity and much, much more.

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