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2018 ZeBBie Awards Winners

27th June 2018

The Writers Guild of Ireland is delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 ZeBBie Awards at an Awards Ceremony at the Sugar Club in Dublin tonight.

Best Television Script

  • Sharon Horgan (and Rob Delaney) – Catastrophe (Series 3, Ep. 6)

Best Radio Script

  • Veronica Coburn – Kinsey One Through Five

Best Theatre Script

  • Iseult Golden and David Horan – CLASS

Best Feature Film Script

  • Frank Berry – Michael Inside

Best Short Film Script

  • Niamh HeeryPause

Best Game Script

  • Sarah Baylus, John Corcoran, Devin Doyle, Charlene Putney, Stephen Rooney – Divinity: Original Sin II

Congratulations to all the winners!

A huge thank you to Senator David Norris for being a mighty MC, and to the presenters for their time and contribution to the ceremony.

And kudos to our staff and volunteers for all their efforts throughout the year and during this gorgeous evening!

About the ZeBBie Awards

The ZeBBie Awards are annual awards created by the WGI — named in honour of O. Z. Whitehead — to acknowledge the best script(s) written by Irish playwrights and screenwriters during the previous year.

Lucky Dozen: The Play’s The Thing!

18th April 2018

Act I: You’d like to write a play.  Act II: You have written a play and are not sure what to do with it.  Or, Act III: You’re not sure exactly what shape or form a play should take.

If you are a player in any of the above Acts now’s the time to gather information!

Join other Guild members for a Lucky Dozen talk on ‘Writing for the Stage’ by acclaimed playwright Elaine Murphy.

Elaine’s debut play Little Gem won the Fishamble New Writing Award in 2008, the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award in 2009, a nomination for Best New Play at the Irish Times Theatre Awards and a Writers’ Guild of Ireland ZeBBie Award in 2009. Her second play Ribbons was commissioned by the Abbey Theatre for The Fairer Sex, a series of short plays written by leading female playwrights. Elaine was the winner of the Stewart Parker BBC Northern Ireland Drama Award in 2009 and her most recent play Shush, an Abbey Theatre commission, premiered in 2013. She is currently under commission from the Abbey Theatre.

The talk will take place from 7 pm – 9 pm on 3 May 2018 at the office of the Writers’ Guild of Ireland, Arthouse, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The first twelve paid-up Guild members to email: info @ with ‘Elaine Murphy’ in the subject line of the email will secure a place at this valuable talk.

Lucky Dozen: Writing for Games

25th October 2017

With branching storylines, interactive dialogues and players’ choices to juggle, writing for games can’t help but be different from writing for TV or film. Heck, not all games have plots, but they may still need writing. Other games have story, but no dialogue. When they do show up, characters, arcs, beginnings and ends are largely still the same in games as in other media, but how you represent them to players might not be.

If you want to know more about some of the tools and techniques used in writing for games, come join us at 7 pm on Thursday, 16 November when Dave McCabe, writer of The Darkside Detective and Tavern Keeper, will open up some scripts and show you their inner-workings.

If interested, send us a blank email to the office by Tuesday, 7 November, with ‘Lucky Dozen’ in the subject line.

You know the score folks: the first twelve get the lovely plastic chairs, the wine, and the very healthy neon-orange crisps.

2016 ZeBBie Award Winners

25th May 2016

At the ZeBBie Awards Ceremony tonight at The Sugar Club in Dublin, hosted by Senator David Norris, the Writers Guild of Ireland announced the winners of the 2016 ZeBBie Awards:

Best Television Script

Best Radio Script

Best Theatre Script

Best Feature Film Script

Best Short Film Script

Best Game Script

Congratulations to all the winners!

We’d like to thank our hard-working staff, our helpers, all the nominees and their agents/producers, as well as the presenters of the awards.

As usual our thanks to Senator David Norris for his memorable hosting skills, and to The Sugar Club Dublin for the fabulous venue.

On Winning a ZeBBie: Antoin Beag Ó Colla

28th April 2015

A native of Donegal, Antoin won his first ZeBBie award in 2014 for his short film Rúbaí, snagging honors for Best Short Film Script.

‘Winning the ZeBBie to me was huge, at the time Rúbaí was my only project and at the time I was working in Penneys in Galway,’ Antoin said. ‘In fact, on the day of the ZeBBies I was up at half five in the morning to do a half six to three shift, I then went home, showered, changed and straight up to Dublin for the ZeBBies at about seven or eight.

‘It was really overwhelming to be in this room with a bunch of really great working writers. I felt quite intimidated, and like I was going to be found out at any moment for being an impostor.’

Antoin’s Irish-language production focuses on 8-year-old Rúbaí’s refusal to fast in preparation for her First Holy Communion. A self-pronounced atheist, Rúbaí faces intolerance from all around, engaging in philosophical and religious debate and falling prey to emotional blackmail. The film leaves viewers questioning the perceived “modern” Irish culture.

‘The ZeBBie has given me a confidence that I haven’t had before,’ Antoin said. ‘When people ask me what I do, I used to say I work in a shop, but since the ZeBBies I now say proudly that I’m a writer.

‘When I’m doubting myself as a writer and wanting to take a risk in my scripts, I do see the ZeBBie and it just makes me say to myself “go for it.” Just trust your instincts and go for it.’

Aside from the ZeBBie, Rúbaí also received honors as the Best First Short Drama at the Galway Film Fleadh along with Best of Drama and Best of Festival awards at the Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival.

Since his ZeBBie win, Antoin has taken a position in the script department at Red Rock, pitching story ideas and characters and creating a shadow episode soon. Additionally, he is developing his own show for TG4: the world’s first Irish-language sex comedy. Six months in the making, Antoin is hoping to make it back to screen soon.