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Broadway Revenue Up, Audience Down

8th June 2010 by Maura McHugh

According to The Stage Broadway theatres reported a drop in their audiences in 2009/10, but ticket revenue increased by 1.5%.

The just-completed Broadway 2009/10 theatre season yielded $1.02 billion at the box office, according to statistics released by The Broadway League, the national trade organization for the Broadway industry. Broadway also recorded a total attendance of 11.89 million during this period, which officially began on May 25, 2009 and ended on May 23, 2010.

Total grosses rose 1.5%, up from $1 billion for the 2008/9 season, while total audience attendance was down 3.0% (from 12.25 million) during that same period, according to the League’s figures. It should be noted that these totals are what the organisation considers “absolute numbers;” ones which could be confirmed, and which do not factor in estimates. This process became necessary due to the Broadway musical Young Frankenstein, which ran from October 11, 2007 through January 4, 2009 and which did not release any official box office figures.

In a statement, League executive director Charlotte St, Martin explained that “[u]sing the numbers we know, grosses were up 1.5% over last season. However, if we factor in estimated figures for Young Frankenstein which ran 32 weeks in 2008/9, we could be down slightly this season-perhaps as much as 1.0% in grosses. In any case, we are thrilled that even in this current economic climate, our numbers are strong thanks to the vibrancy of this season’s offerings.”