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All About Agents

4th October 2021

All members are invited to join us this week for an insightful online seminar in which three UK-based literary agents will inform you about securing representation; how agents can help your career and how the relationship between a writer and their agent works in practice.

Thursday, 7th October, 11.00 – 13.00
Online seminar open to all WGI members

Please check our newsletter [Vol. 17 Issue 20 • 29th September 2021] for details of attending.

Participating agents include:
Peter MacFarlane of MacFarlane Chard Associates
Kelly Knatchbull of Sayle Screen Limited
Giles Smart of United Agents

WGI would like to thank the BAI for supporting the event and Peter MacFarlane, Kelly Knatchbull and Giles Smart for their participation.

Peter MacFarlane

Peter MacFarlane launched MacFarlane Chard Associates in 1994 which has established itself as one of the UK’s leading agencies, representing literary and acting clients worldwide. It has since branched out to encompass several divisions including the prestigious MacFarlane Chard Ireland which was founded by Derick Mulvey,  Louise Tam and Peter.

Kelly Knatchbull

Kelly Knatchbull is an agent and director of Sayle Screen Ltd, one of the UK’s leading and longest standing independent agencies. She joined the agency nearly 10 years ago after starting out in development. She represents writers, directors and script editors across tv, film and theatre.

Giles Smart

In 1998, Giles Smart joined the Film, TV & Theatre Department at PFD in London, and began representing his own clients in 2003. In 2007, Giles left to join the new agency, United Agents, as one of its founding partners and he has worked there ever since.

BAI Funding

18th February 2021

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has announced details of 2021 funding allocations under its Sectoral Learning & Development programme and its Sponsorship Scheme. Funding of €646,000 has been approved by the BAI to support a range of activities.

The allocation of funding to a range of industry networks to support their various learning and development activities is a core part of the BAI’s work under the strategic objective of Enhancing Innovation and Sectoral Sustainability. Additional funding is also offered to support schemes for community broadcasters and temporary services, and initiatives for Irish language, gender, and other diversity projects.

The funding includes €342,488 which will be awarded to 16 industry and representative organisations under the Network Funding strand of the programme. WGI are one of those organisations.

WGI Director Hugh Farley says, “WGi is delighted to have received the support of BAI’s sponsorship fund and its Sectoral support. It is a recognition of the work we do to support our members and promote the status of the writer within the audio-visual sector. At a time of great uncertainty, the award gives us an opportunity to run events which are relevant and meaningful.”

Further details here.

Adding to Your Writer’s Toolbox – Workshop with Dee Roycroft and Margaret Ward

21st October 2020

An online workshop where female WGI members will receive advice, practical instruction and strategies on working in the audio-visual sector. How do you navigate the industry as a woman? How can you manage interpersonal relationships in the industry to your advantage? What strategies should you use when communicating and negotiating with others in order to maximise your chances of getting what you want from them? The importance of your peer network. How to build your own confidence and voice. How should you handle tension and conflict with others? What should you do if you feel that your gender or other aspect of your identity or personality results in unfair treatment of your work?

This workshop will have a special focus on gender parity and diversity and female members should therefore indicate in their application if they belong to any group which may be underrepresented within society on the grounds of gender, race, disability, socio-economic or other factors.

Tutors Dee Roycroft and Margaret Ward have extensive experience in the industry in the areas of writing, script editing, development, broadcasting and journalism. The format will be a group online workshop followed by brief sessions with individual participants on later dates.

Margaret E. Ward, CEO, Clear Ink

Margaret is a leadership consultant and executive coach. She worked as an investigative journalist and broadcaster for Newstalk, the Irish Times and Sunday Times. In 2010, she founded Women on Air, a professional network of women who are available to appear on radio and TV. She’s also an aspiring screenwriter.

Dee Roycroft, Writer and Story/Script Editor

Dee is a freelance writer and editor. Companies she has worked with include Amazon Studios, RTÉ, CBBC, JAM Media, Telegael and SLR. She also teaches, mentors and is script editor for the X-Pollinator:INCUBATOR initiative, funded by BAI/Screen Skills Ireland. Dee is currently doing an MFA in Creative Writing in UCD.

The WGI gratefully acknowledges the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland for this event.

Date:  Tuesday, 27th October 2.30pm – 5.30pm (including a 15-minute break)

Apply by: Wednesday, 21st October 5pm

To apply:  Email:  info[at]  with a) email subject line ‘BAI workshop’ and b) the following information, contained within the body of the email please;

1. Your contact details

2. Your bio including your writing credits (if applicable); some brief information on your current writing project(s) or goal(s) and a few lines on why you’d like to participate in this workshop. (max 100 words in total)

3. Please indicate if you belong to any underrepresented group as outlined above