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Tilt on the BBC

31st March 2008

The BBC is looking for topical material with a twist for its new sketch show called Tilt, which will be broadcast weekly on BBC7.

The people behind Tilt want to make a show that is playful and witty, and are looking for sketches that go beyond obvious topical satire.

The big stories of the week will be told in running sketches written by the core team. Around that they’re looking for standalone topical sketches, headlines, monologues, spoof ads, spoof trailers, news parodies… Tilt isn’t a spoof news programme, but it’s hard to poke fun at all things topical without turning an eye to the ways in which we receive news. And for that matter, sport, weather, or celebrity gossip.

The cast is three male, three female. There’s no presenter, and it’s being linked by bits of realistic sounding news that’s made up, or bits of real news that they’ve monkeyed around with.

In particular they’re looking for one liners in the shape of headlines (real or fictional, but funny in either case), and standalone topical sketches.

Make sure you submit your sketches in radio script format, and send only your very best sketches – no more than three in any one week. Make sure that those three sketches have been written, edited, rewritten, honed, and polished until you are convinced that they are as good as they can possibly be.

All material should be submitted to their email address listed on the website.

New UK Guild

27th March 2008

Screen Daily reports that television and film director Michael Apted is part of an initiative to launch a UK directors’ guild.

Directors UK (D-UK) will officially launch in May with director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum) as president, and writer/director Charles Sturridge (Brideshead Revisited) as the chair of its board.

Its vice-chairmen are Simon Berthon and Tim Sullivan, and board members include Peter Kosminsky, Brian Hill and Simon Curtis.

It is the first time that UK directors will benefit from a single organisation encompassing everything from pay and conditions to content rights.

Sturridge said: “A very energetic and large group of directors have worked over the past 18 months to launch this new and vital organisation – a single, representative voice for all UK film, TV and new media directors.”

He added: “We are at a revolutionary moment in the dissemination of film programming and it is vital that the directors’ voice is articulate, unanimous and clear. D-UK will speak for directors’ creative and economic rights.”

Apted, who began his career at Granada and is now based in LA, said he was inspired by the effectiveness of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) union.

He has been president of the DGA for the past five years. Having experienced shooting on both sides of the Atlantic (Rome, The World is Not Enough, Gorky Park) Apted said he was ideally placed to compare directors’ working conditions.

It’s expected that D-UK will have 3,000 members once it is established.

Shine A Light on the IFI

26th March 2008

To celebrate the release of Shine a Light, the new documentary by Martin Scorsese about the British rock band, The Rolling Stones, the band will be appearing at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on April 2nd.

The event will be beamed live, via satellite, to 100 specially selected cinemas around the UK, and the IFI in Dublin.

Not only will you get to see the film before anyone else in the country, you’ll get to share in the excitement, be part of the magic, and take in the atmosphere of one of the year’s most exclusive events. It’ll be the next best thing to being there – just like the film itself.

Tickets cost €15 each, and include a limited edition commemorative T-shirt.

An Evening With Luchetti

26th March 2008

Today at 6pm the IFI in Temple Bar, Dublin presents An Evening with Daniele Luchetti, the director and co-writer of My Brother is an Only Child. There will be a screening of the film followed by an interview with Luchetti.

More Edinburgh Fringe

25th March 2008

The Stage reports that four of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s venues (Assembly, Gilded Balloon, Pleasance, and Underbelly) are going to establish the Edinburgh Comedy Festival to run alongside the larger Fringe programme.

Anthony Alderson, director of Pleasance Theatre explained: “The four venues have always worked very closely together in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Comedy Festival is the next logical step forward for us – we believe that we are stronger together than we are apart, that we can market our programmes more effectively and help attract new audiences to Edinburgh.”

The Edinburgh Comedy Festival as a new brand will present more than 250 comedy shows at this year’s festival, playing to an estimated audience of around 550,000 people. The event, which organisers claim will be the largest comedy festival in the world, will have its own brochure, with a print run of 400,000 copies, although shows will still be listed as part of the wider Fringe programme.

William Burdett-Coutts, director of Assembly said: “This is my 30th year on the Fringe and in that time I have seen comedy grow from a few shows to become a major part of what takes place in Edinburgh. I think this is a welcome development that will give comedy the platform it deserves whilst also being a magnificent way of improving marketing for our collective programmes and the festival as a whole.”