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Screen Stories : Getting Disabled Writers in the Room

Seeking up to five emerging writing talents. Read More

Screen Ireland Best Practice Writers Courses

2 free short courses led by intimacy coordinator Róisín O’Donovan. Read More

Free 1-hour Screenwriting101 Zoom Classes

Covering the basics of story development, scriptwriting and entry into the industry. Read More

Writing For Role Playing Games

1-week intensive summer school programme. Read More

100 pages in 10 weeks: Screenwriting Workshop

. Read More

Writer’s Workshop: Exploring Classical Greek Drama

The Abbey Theatre is  hosting a two-hour workshop on the lessons playwrights can draw from the tradition of classical Greek drama. Read More

Serial Eyes

A full-time, residential postgraduate course that runs from September through May and takes place in Berlin Read More

Flipping the Script:”LISTEN HEAR” An Introduction to Writing for Animation for Blind and Visually Impaired Writers 

An Introductory Writing for Animation Course and Shadow Writing Scheme for blind and visually impaired writers. Read More

Series Accelerator

Designed to build the key skills for developing and producing a TV series Read More

Pitch to Script 101

Comprehensive training in writing for animated television series for children. Read More