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Tania Notaro’s ‘Postpartum’ on Virgin Media Player

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Laoisa Sexton’s ‘The Lucky Man’

Wins 3 awards at the prestigious Bafta recognized LOCO. Read More

Laoisa Sexton’s ‘The Lucky Man’

Screens at the 10th Bafta recognized LOCO Film Festival. Read More

Colin Murphy’s ‘The Asylum Workshop’

'The Asylum Workshop' is being produced in Dublin in June Read More

Katie McNeice’s ‘Who We Love’

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Ella Skolimowski’s ‘Looking Cis’

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Michael J. Harnett’s ‘Bullied’

A new play which has at its core the devastating effect of being bullied. Read More

Billy McGrath’s ‘GUSTO with Billy Magra’

'GUSTO with Billy Magra' is running from April 18th to 22nd April in The Project Ars Centre, Dublin Read More

Ann Henning Jocelyn’s ‘The Sphere of Light’

Ann Henning Jocelyn's play The Sphere of Light will premiere at the Hever Castle Theatre Festival in August this year. Read More

Free Script Coverage

WGI member Mary Duffin is offering free script coverage to 5 screenwriters. Read More