Series Mania Institute: Pitch Deck

A 3-day training program for international series writers and producers.

With this three-day training course, learn how to craft an impactful pitch deck for your series project. The program is project-based: throughout the course, you will refine your pitch deck, ensuring it effectively communicates your project’s vision and unique value.

Are you planning to present your series project to potential partners or to apply for calls for projects, such as Series Mania Forum Co-pro pitching sessions or Writers Campus? If so, you will need a compelling pitch deck! 

A series pitch deck is an essential document used to pitch a series project. It introduces the series concept, market potential and the creative team, providing a concise overview of the project and its commercial viability.

In this three-day course, you will learn through collective sessions and individual guidance to create a powerful pitch deck for your series project, with a focus on its structure and content, its strategic use, and its visual design with the help of digital tools and AI. 


June 13-October 25, 2024: Registration
November 13-15, 2024: Series Pitch Deck training program


Series writers and producers – working on fiction (no animation, documentaries), looking to interact with the European market.

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