Artist on My Green

Opportunities for 3 socially engaged artists/collectives

The Roscommon Arts Centre “Artist on My Green” summer residency programme has opportunities for 3 socially engaged artists/collectives to engage with residents in Roscommon housing developments or estates over a six-week period this summer.

Each participating artist will engage via the Residents Association as one evening a week, the artist hosts an open session on the communal/green area in that development/estate which residents are welcome to attend. Over the course of the six weeks, the artist will introduce residents to their practice and facilitate opportunities for them to both engage with and respond to their work/artform.

A residency outcome is encouraged in some form, which could be a sharing, reading, performance or exhibition that incorporates the work of both the artist and the residents.

Open to professional artists working in all disciplines, register your interest via: or [email protected] before 3pm Friday 31st May

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