Screen Ireland announce Frameworks 2023 projects


Screen Ireland has announced the successful teams for the 2023 edition of its Frameworks animated short film scheme, co-funded with RTÉ.

The four successful teams and projects for Frameworks are as follows:

Co-written and co-directed by Deither Kirby Jay and Jessie Lopez, produced by Carla Vulpiani.

“A journey of a young woman’s reconciling with her own past and her detachment to the life that she now lives.”

Written by Delphine Coudray, co-directed by Christian Spurling and Delphine Coudray, produced by Michael Lee.

“A bored warehouse worker’s quest for an enduring legacy as an animator takes a darkly comedic turn when she signs up for an eco-friendly burial.”

Co-written by Lauren Coe and Jack Phelan, directed by Jack Phelan, produced by Claire Lennon.

“A self-conscious young woman braves the big city. In a café, she’s rewarded for her courage by meeting someone just like her.”

Retirement Plan
Written and directed by John Kelly, produced by Julie Murnaghan.

“A man at apathy with his life dreams of the beauty and joy he will find in retirement.”

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