Reconnecting with Your Creative Self: Creative Unblocking Day Retreat

A day long creative unblocking retreat.

Screen Ireland and Aligning with Flow are seeking screen industry professionals for Reconnecting With Your Creative Self – a day long creative unblocking retreat on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023 at Bow Street Academy between 10:00am and 5pm.

Aligning with Flow is a unique, bespoke offering that works to reveal each participants’ authentic creative voice. Using creative unblocking techniques, participants are supported to become aware of self limiting obstacles and beliefs. Through systemic constellations, participants then build on their insights to uncover the deeper more unconscious beliefs holding them back as screen creators and collaborators. Our commitment is to support each participant in finding ways to forge new and deeper connections with the limitless wellspring of their creativity –  to empower, motivate and reconnect participants to their creative source and their pathway forward. 

  • Do you wish to deepen your connection with your creative self?
  • Are you struggling to realise the full potential of your creativity?
  • Are you ready to elevate your innate, authentic creative voice to where you know it could be?        

What if the key to unlock the full power of your creative potential is not to be found in your work or your ideas but rather in you? Aligning With Flow: Reconnecting with your Creative Self is a day long retreat specifically designed to illuminate and nurture the crucial relationship between the creative and their creativity.

Apply here.

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