BBC Writersroom – Pilot

Applications open from Tuesday 5th September 2023.

Applications to BBC Writersroom – Pilot 2024 are open from Tuesday 5th September 2023 at 10am to 12 noon on Tuesday 26th September 2023 for credited and/or agented writers.

  • Writers must have at least ONE professionally produced piece of narrative scriptwriting work, a minimum of 30 minutes in length, in television, radio, theatre or film.  Novels are ineligible and will not be accepted.  ALTERNATIVELY writers must have an agent, supplying address and contact details.
  • Writers are asked to submit an original spec script written for television (minimum 50 pages) and a one-page pitch outlining a potential television drama or comedy/drama series or serial idea for a BBC channel.  
  • The pitch needs to be a different idea from the spec script.  It should be as distinctive as possible, bearing in mind the current, competitive TV landscape in the UK and abroad.
  • The aim of the Programme is to give writers their first original television drama or comedy/drama series or serial commission. 
  • Writers must not have an original idea in development (beyond treatment stage) with BBC Television Drama.  Writers in development outside the BBC are eligible to apply.
  • Writers must not have had a previous original series or serial commission from BBC One, BBC Two or BBC Three.
  • Writers must demonstrate a burning desire to write television drama. 

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