Six in the Attic & Virtual Attic Artists Announced


Irish Theatre Institute (ITI) has announced the writers and theatre makers for Six in the Attic and Virtual Attic 2022/23.

Six in the Attic (SITA) is a year-long artist development programme. SITA supports writers and theatre makers through mentoring, training, networking and immersion in a community of artists who share the Attic experience, both in-person and online. 

The Six in the Attic & Virtual Attic Artists for the 2022/23 programme are:

Ginna Álvarez (Six in the Attic)

Shanna May Breen (Six in the Attic)

Conor Burke (Virtual Attic, Kildare)

Luke Casserly (Six in the Attic)

Kate Gilmore (Six in the Attic)

Thommas Kane Byrne (Six in the Attic)

Rosaleen McDonagh (Virtual Attic, Dublin)

Erica Murray (Six in the Attic)

John O’Donovan (Virtual Attic, Clare)

Emma O’Grady (Virtual Attic, Galway)

Dee Roycroft (Virtual Attic, Dublin)

Amanda Verlaque (Virtual Attic, Belfast)

For more information about the programme and biographies of the artists please visit the Six in the Attic page.

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