Members Registering on our New Website

We are sending out emails to our unregistered members.

In a variation of the old tree-falling-in-the-forest-but-no-one-around-to-hear-it scenario, our move to our new digital platform has thrown up a conundrum. Many of you have registered on our new site for access to our newsletter, our Writing Talent in Ireland Directory and invites to our events – however, a significant number have not yet done so.

The Board has decided that members who don’t register on the new website will be given 60 days to do so and thereafter will be assumed to no longer wish to be a member of the Guild. Consequently, we are sending out emails to our unregistered members, notifying them of the upcoming deadline.

If you receive one of these emails and you have already transferred to our new system, you don’t need to do anything. You don’t even need to send us an email to explain that you’re already in. No bad thing will happen, we promise.

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