Spotlight TV Comedy

14 emerging TV writers selected for Screen Ireland’s flagship screenwriting scheme.

Screen Ireland has announced the finalists for the TV comedy round of Spotlight, Screen Ireland’s flagship writing talent development scheme aimed at discovering and developing original and underrepresented new voices.

11 writing teams (comprising 14 new and emerging screenwriters) will develop a bible and pilot episode screenplay for a 30 minute TV comedy or comedy-drama series.

The successful Spotlight projects and writers are as follows:

  1. Cabaret Cartel by Tania Notaro
  2. Old Goose by Martin Angolo and Gerard Staunton
  3. Stepping Out by Arianne Hutch
  4. The Importance of Eyebrows by Darren McMahon
  5. Paper by Diandra Xavier
  6. C’mere to Me by Robert O’Sullivan
  7. Waking Ireland by Melissa Nolan and Melanie Phillips
  8. I’m the Boss by Lee-Loi Chieng
  9. Good-Bi by Eleanor Rogers
  10. The King of Tory Island by Shannon Welby
  11. Scouting For Boys by Allie O’Rourke and Matthew Tallon

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