Fighting Words

2012 Honorary Services to Writers Award Winner

Fighting Words is a company developed by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love and is targeted towards young writers. The company encourages all participating writers to develop their skills further, and while they do focus on children and young teens, Fighting Words also offers opportunities for adults. All tutoring is free, and the company also puts on seminars and workshops for those interested in improving their writing style.

Camps become available in the summer months as a way to help kids and young adults spend their summers developing their creativity. Fighting Words also provides seminars for those interested in writing non-fiction, and this includes journalism courses that cover interviewing styles, column writing, and fact-checking.

At certain time periods during the year, primary schools visit the Fighting Words Centre in the mornings to write a story, while afternoons are spent helping secondary school children work on fine-tuning their skills. Teachers of these children are invited to come in for workshops to go over how writing and creativity can be implemented in a normal school day for the purposes of making sure that creativity is encouraged in an everyday setting.

Volunteers at Fighting Words are able to help out with and provide advice for these aspiring writers, and include people that are both in the industry and those who are attempting to break into the industry. Playwrights, screenwriters, teachers, novelists, and many more gather together to help Fighting Words carry forth their creative vision. The ZeBBie was accepted by Sean Love, one of the founding members.