Rough Magic Theatre

2009 Honorary Services to Writers Award Winner

Rough Magic Theatre has been a staple of the Irish theatre community since its opening in 1984. With its dedication to cutting-edge productions and work that showcases the innovative thinking of Ireland’s young writers, Rough Magic celebrates a unique vision.

Rough Magic Theatre is now celebrating its 30th year in the production industry, and the company continues to privilege Irish stories and help writers lend their voice to Irish culture. The company has several programs that it has developed to help give both aspiring and established writers an extra push, one being the SEEDS program and the other the ADVANCE program.

The SEEDS Program, now in its 12th year, helps emerging theatre writers, directors, and more get their start through mentoring and placement programs. Many of those who take part in the program continue on in the theatre world after their graduation and work with Rough Magic Theatre for their personal productions. The ADVANCE program is only for those over 35 who have been working in theatre for over ten years and offers help to its members through conferences, international trips, and meetings with current members of the theatre world.

Through the use of both programs as well as the way it showcases cutting edge Irish art, Rough Magic is dedicated to helping Irish theatre participants find their place in the performance art community. The ZeBBie was accepted by Maureen Whyte and Lynne Parker.