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Peggy Ramsay Grants

19th January 2011

The Peggy Ramsay Foundation was established in 1992 in accordance with the Will of Peggy Ramsay, the well-known play agent. The trustees of the foundation offer grants to assist individuals who make the theatre their principal place of work and have had some experience. It takes applications on a year-round basis from playwrights seeking bursary funding.

The trustees will consider an application from a playwright resident in the UK and Ireland who has had at least one full length play in English professionally produced for a run for an audience of adults or young people.

Individual grants never ordinarily exceed £5,000. Grants are sometimes made for equipment needed by qualified applicants, such as laptops, and for expenditure which makes writing possible. In every case whether a grant is made or not the applicant will be notified but reasons for grants or refusals are never given.

More details about the application process are available on the web site.

Adrienne Benham Award 2011

29th November 2010

Theatre CentreThe Theatre Centre has announced it’s seeking applicants for the TC Adrienne Benham Award 2011.

In its 3rd year, this writing Award is intended to spotlight promising writing talent and steer gifted writers towards young audiences.

The Award is a £2,000 Seed Commission/Attachment.

The award is made to a writer who satisfies the following criteria:

  • an interest and enthusiasm for young people’s theatre
  • a professional commitment to playwriting
  • imagination, skill, personality and adventure in his/her writing to date

TC’s Artistic Director and independent advisers will select, short list and choose the winner.

Deadline for submissions: 11 January 2011. The winner will be announced in April 2011.

The criteria for the competition and the application form can be downloaded from the web site.

WGGB Awards 2010

23rd November 2010

Writers' Guild of Great BritainOn Sunday the winners of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards were announced:

Best Original Screenplay

Kick-Ass – Jane Goldman , Matthew Vaughn

Best First Feature-Length Screenplay

Moon – Duncan Jones, Nathan Parker

Best Television Drama Series

Being Human – Toby Whithouse

Best Television Comedy/ Light Entertainment

Getting On – Jo Brand, Joanna Scanlan (left), Vicki Pepperdine

Best Television Short-Form Drama

Occupation - Peter Bowker

Best Television Continuing Drama

Coronation Street – Peter Whalley, Carmel Morgan, David Lane, Mark Wadlow, Chris Fewtrell, Jayne Hollinson, Martin Allen, Lucy Gannon, Mark Burt, John Kerr, Damon Rochefort, Julie Jones, Jonathan Harvey, Simon Crowther, Joe Turner, Debbie Oates, Daran Little, Stephen Russell, Jan McVerry

Best Children’s Television Drama/Comedy – live action or animation

Shaun the Sheep - Richard Goleszowski, Rob Dudley, Glenn Dakin, Lucy Daniel Raby, Elly Brewer, Jimmy Hibbert, Will MacLean, John Camm, Lee Pressman, Julie Jones, Dan Berlinka, Andy Williams, David Ingham, Richard Vincent, Patrick Makin, Chris Sadler, Kieron Self, Giles New, James Henry, Nick Park, Kay Stonham, Sarah Ball, Ian Carney, Mark Daydy, Craig Ferguson, Patrick Gallagher

Best Theatre Play

Jerusalem – Jez Butterworth

Best Play for Children and Young People

The Monster Under The Bed - Kevin Dyer

Best Radio Drama

Number 10 – Jonathan Myerson

Best Radio Comedy/Light Entertainment

Mark Steel’s In Town - Mark Steel

Best Videogame Script

Red Dead Redemption – Dan Houser, Mike Unsworth

Best Non-Fiction Book

This Party’s Got To Stop – Rupert Thomson

Best Fiction Book

A Life Apart – Neel Mukherjee

Lifetime Achievement

Michael Frayn

Brian Way Award 2011

1st November 2010

Theatre CentreThe Theatre Centre has announced details of the TC Brian Way Award 2011.

On its 11th year, the Award aims to raise the profile of young people’s theatre, created by professionals, encouraging recognition and respect at home and abroad.

The Award prize is a cheque for £6,000.

The Award is made to the writer whose play, in the judges’ opinion, most nearly satisfies the following description:

  • a play in which the writing is of special quality
  • a play that stimulates the imagination
  • a play that demonstrates risk, passion and understanding of young audiences

A panel of independent judges will be appointed whose decision is final.

Deadline for submissions: 1 December 2010.
The winner will be announced in April 2011.

Application forms and further details are available on the web site.

Whackala seeks new writers

28th October 2010

Whackala writersWhackala is looking for new writers for a comedy/action-adventure animation series for 7-11 year old children.

Writers need to have some experience at writing for children’s animation, have a knack for comedy (especially slapstick) and action-adventure.

Interested writers should get in touch by writing to hello [at]