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Election 2016

3rd February 2016

Today the Taoiseach Enda Kenny dissolved the Dáil and called the General Election for Friday, 26 February.

If you want to vote you will need to be included in the Register of Electors, so please check that you are registered at the correct address.

Friday, 5 February is the closing date for your Local Authority to receive an application for entry to the Supplement to the Postal or Special voters list for the general election. Tuesday, 9 February is the closing date for your Local Authority to receive an application for entry to the Supplement to the register of electors for the general election.

This is a perfect opportunity for WGI members to remind politicians seeking election about the cultural and economic contribution the arts bring to the Irish economy, and the need for it to be supported in a practical fashion.

Sheila Pratschke, chairwoman of the Arts Council, discussed this in her recent article for the Irish Examiner: “In this centenary year, let’s get behind the arts in Ireland.

The National Campaign for the Arts has a handy manifesto on its web site for those who would like specific goals to discuss with your canvassing local representatives when they land on your doorstep.

A useful strategy could be to print out a couple of copies of the manifesto and leave them in your hallway so they are nearby when you greet a petitioning candidate.

The web site Elections Ireland should have a good list of the candidates in the various constituencies, and their contact information, if you wish to contact them about your concerns in the coming weeks.

Let’s keep the arts on the political agenda during the coming conversations.

Day of Action Flash Mob

20th September 2010

Dancers, other arts workers and members of the public took part in a dance flash mob outside Government Buildings in Dublin as part of the first ever National Day of Action for arts and culture in Ireland on September 17, 2010.

The group danced to ‘Dearg Doom’ by the Horslips in a routine choreographed by Olwen Grindley.

The day was organised by the National Campaign for the Arts and also involved other events around the country and over 80 meetings between arts workers and their local TDs.

Demonstrate Your Arts

15th September 2010

A demonstration will take place at the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport at 23 Kildare Street, Dublin at 1pm on Thursday 16th September to bring attention to the collapse in the income of the country’s artists as a result of the recession and various government cuts.

The event is part of a National Day of Action organised by the National Campaign for the Arts and the Association of Artists Representatives Organisations (AARO).

Among those participating will be composers, actors, writers, directors, dancers, musicians and visual artists.

The central demands of the National Campaign for the Arts and AARO are:

  • The right to organise and negotiate minimum terms and conditions.
  • The right to social protection.
  • The right of artists to share in the economic rewards from the work they create.
  • The right to hold positions on all relevant bodies (e.g. Film Board, Arts Council, RTE Authority)

Veronica Coburn will direct a flash mob at the demonstration, and actors, dancers and anyone up for a little activity are encouraged to turn up for rehearsals in Filmbase at 11am the morning of the event.

Get out on the streets and demonstrate your arts!

Day of Action Update

9th September 2010

NCFAOn the National Day of Action, Friday September 17, 2010, arts workers in every constituency around the country will meet their local TDs to put the campaign demands before their public representatives.

Please join the Facebook group that represents your constituency. More than 60 TDs, including the Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Taoiseach, have already agreed to meetings. By joining the Facebook group in your constituency you strengthen those attending the meetings.

As well as this NCFA members are hosting a series of events – flash mobs, talks, demonstrations, live art – around the country to further highlight to the government, and the general public, the important role the arts plays in the nation’s economic, social and civic recovery.

Find out what’s going on in your area and participate. Let’s make some noise!

You can keep up-to-date with all the news about the National Day of Action on the website for the National Campaign for the Arts, or on the Facebook page for the group.

NCFA Video

20th August 2010

The National Campaign for the Arts has created a video calling for support for the Arts, and promoting the Day of Action on September 17th, 2010.