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Lucky Dozen – Writing Radio Drama

1st February 2017

Would you like to write a play for RTÉ radio? Kevin Reynolds (Series Producer) and Kevin Brew (Producer) of the RTÉ Radio’s Drama on One team will give a ‘Lucky Dozen’ talk on Writing Radio Drama to members of the Writers Guild of Ireland at 7pm on Thursday, 16 February in our office at Temple Bar, Dublin.

This free talk will cover:

  • Writing for radio; how it differs from other media (the creative opportunities and the challenges)
  • What makes a strong radio play
  • Thoughts on genre, content/theme, tone
  • Writing credible dialogue
  • Use of sound, music, atmosphere
  • Scene length and construction
  • Defining and differentiating characters
  • Creating a pleasing variety via stylistic decisions
  • Required script length and layout
  • The submission process
  • Payment rates and contract terms
  • Common errors

It’s a terrific opportunity to find out exactly what RTÉ expect from their radio dramas.

Update: We’re sorry but this event is already booked up.

Photos from Mindshift

23rd November 2016

Thanks to all the participants at yesterday’s Mindshift: Redressing Gender Equality in Writing for Film at the the Irish Writers Centre supported by Words Ireland.

Here are some photos from the event:

Marian Quinn, Lauren Mackenzie, Valerie Bistany, and David Kavanagh discuss why so few female writers & directors get films produced.

Lauren Mackenzie and Juanita Wilson discuss the practical and creative challenges of adapting work for film.

Dr Susan Liddy discusses the Irish Film Board’s new policy regarding gender and Equality Action

Agent Julian Friedmann discussing the business of scriptwriting and adaptation.

You can re-read the informative tweets that were sent throughout the day by checking the #Mindshift hashtag.

2016 AGM

29th June 2016

Writers Guild of IrelandThe 14th Annual General Meeting of the Writers’ Guild of Ireland will take place on 2.30 pm on Saturday, 23 July in Room no. 3, 2nd floor, Arthouse, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Nominations to vacant places on the Board of Directors should reach the Company Secretary not later than 5 pm on 20 July, 2016.

A form of proxy may be used if a member is unable to attend the AGM. Completed proxy forms should reach the Company Secretary at Arthouse, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 by 5 pm on 21 July, 2016.

Members will receive further details regarding the AGM, nominations to the Board of Directors, and Proxy forms by email.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Meeting on Equality in Irish Film

10th February 2016

At 6.30pm on Wednesday, 24 February the Writers Guild of Ireland and the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland will hold a meeting in the Central Hotel (Function Room 1 & 2) on Exchequer Street, Dublin, to discuss the Irish Film Board’s new goals on gender equality in the film industry, and how they can be achieved.

You can read the IFB’s Six Point Plan on Gender Equality which it published in December.

All writers and directors are welcome, however since space is limited you must book your spot in advance by emailing info (a) to confirm your attendance.

July Scriptorium

9th July 2015

Cheers! James and Fred at Furey's Pub...

The next WGI Scriptorium is on from 7pm on Thursday, 16 July in Mulligans, Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2.

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.
Thomas Mann
“A writer takes earnest measures to secure his solitude and then finds endless ways to squander it.”
Don DeLillo

What strategies do you employ to drag those words from your brain onto the page? Maybe you’re writing in a cork-lined room like Proust, drinking up to 50 cups of coffee a day like Balzac, or maybe you like to emulate Hugo and have your servant strip you naked until you’ve finished your writing work for the day? Or perhaps you just fancy meeting up with a bunch of savvy scribes? Escape the dreaded white page (or white screen) for an hour or two with what cynics might call pure procrastination. We call it getting inspiration, and what better way to get inspiration than to do it with other writers; you can mark it down in your diary as a business-related conference if you like. No one will know. (Except yourself of course but that’s exactly the kind of philosophical-psychological matter we need to discuss).

Talking about writing is indubitably the next best thing to writing (pencil-sharpening and checking the thesaurus notwithstanding). Chat amongst your sistren and brethren about what you’re writing, or what you’re not writing, or what you really should be writing if you weren’t at this very important meeting.

You might agree with Camus, that “The purpose of a writer is to keep civilisation from destroying itself.” You might not. This, and the careful dissection of other famous writers’ quotes, will form part of the very serious and urgent agenda of the Scriptorium. No need to RSVP as we’re busy looking up writers’ quotes here.