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8th November 2012

From 10.30 – 1.30 on Thursday 29th November 2012, The Irish Playwrights & Screenwriters Guild and FÁS Screen Training Ireland will present a free seminar for writers who are currently developing or writing feature film scripts.

This seminar is aimed at existing and aspiring feature film writers who are trying to get a high-quality feature film made in the current marketplace.

The seminar will tackle the following subjects:

  • Creative Collaboration: at what point is it best to seek the creative input of the producer / director / script editor or other consultant for your script? Who decides where to draw the line in terms of creative decisions which affect the quality of the script?
  • Development Ad Infinitum: How have the writers on the panel approached development? How do you know when your structure, story, characters, themes, style and other elements have been sufficiently developed? What do you do when the script has been overcooked?
  • I Really Loved It But…: constructive criticism vs. too many cooks; whose opinion should a writer seek? What to do when you get conflicting opinions and suggestions and your gut instinct has gone on strike.
  • The Look of Love: in this increasingly challenging economic environment, is money everything when it comes to film quality? Should the writer be taking budget / financial / market considerations into account while writing the script? Does this hinder creativity or is it the mark of a market-savvy writer?
  • Visions of the Future: What genres / themes are hot right now or might be hot in two year’s time if your film is produced? Write what you know or what you know is making money?
  • Show Me The Money: The current financial crisis is leading to an increase in the number of writers who are developing their multi-disciplinary skills to avail of potential income in other areas; series tv, animation, advertising, gaming, e-books, ghost writing, websites, journalism, apps etc.
  • The Multitasking Writer: the increasing number of writers who are also directing and/or producing (and directors/producers also writing…) – does this dual or deltoid role increase the possibility of getting your film produced and what affect might it have on the quality of the script or produced film?
  • Deal or No Deal: Negotiating contracts in highly competitive times: how to get the best deal in the current circumstances; key points to bear in mind.

The panel will share their experience and advice on these topics with those present and will take questions throughout.

The Panel:

  • Malcolm Campbell – Writer, What Richard Did
  • Ciarán Foy – Writer & Director, Citadel
  • Kirsten Sheridan – Writer & Director, Dollhouse
  • Glenn Montgomery – Writer, The Other Side of Sleep
  • Juanita Wilson – Writer & Director, As If I Am Not There

Please apply online at For further details contact the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild at or phone (01) 6709970.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday, 20 November 2012.

First Feature Script to Screen

27th September 2011

The IPSG is pleased to annouce a half-day seminar called First Feature Script to Screen, organised in conjunction with FÁS Screen Training Ireland and the IADT.

It will take place on Monday 24th October 2011 in Dublin (location TBC).

Participant Profile

This free seminar is aimed at screenwriters seeking to enhance their understanding of the process of getting a feature script produced.

Course Profile

The Irish Playwrights & Screenwriters Guild, FÁS Screen Training Ireland and IADT present a seminar for writers focusing on the development of first features from script to screen.

This seminar will explore the various methods through which writers have had their first features produced. The journey from script to screen can be long and difficult; writers will describe the different ways in which they have successfully navigated the development process.

The seminar will cover the following:

  • In the Beginning – brief summary of the kind of stories and genres each writer has written; what stage of development their scripts had reached
  • Creative realisation – how to find creative mentors, script-editors, a producer, a director
  • Collaboration – what’s the ideal amount of collaboration on a script? Who to collaborate with and when? Considerations involved in co-writing
  • Where to send your draft – understanding the market – audience, production companies, distributors
  • Developing multiple projects
  • Negotiating and signing contracts, redrafts, polishes, payments
  • Funding – the various avenues for funding, pros and cons, control of work, implications etc.
  • Overall pros & cons of funding options – of low-budget/catalyst/no budget!/ development & shoot time etc
  • The writer’s involvement in the whole process and their ultimate satisfaction or otherwise with the finished film
  • Regrets I’ve Had a Few – three bits of advice to writers of first features
  • Q & A – from the audience

Speaker Profiles

Terry McMahon – writer-director-producer, Charlie Casanova
Ciaran Creagh – writer, Parked
Lauren Mackenzie – writer, The Daisy Chain
Conor Horgan – writer-director, One Hundred Mornings
David Keating (Chair) – director, The Wake Wood, Last of the High Kings
*other speakers TBC


Apply online at

Deadline for applications: Monday 17th October 2011.

Comedy Feature Writing Workshop

16th May 2011

FAS Screen Training IrelandFÁS Screen Training Ireland is running a Feature Comedy Writing Workshop taught by Steve Kaplan from 1-2 July, 2010 in Galway. Cost: €150.

Application Procedure:
Application Procedure: Please apply online at submitting a current CV by Wednesday the 8th of June. Applicants who wish to be considered for a consultation with Steve Kaplan should be aware of all the information below. Screenwriters with feature length comedies in development are invited to apply for a consultation with Steve Kaplan. Steve is a US based consultant and script doctor for comedy writers in the area of Features and TV. He has worked in this area for 15 years and his clients include companies such as DreamWorks, Disney, HBO, Paramount, Touchstone and others. Steve has also taught at UCLA, NYU, Yale and other universities. The consultations will take place in Galway on Sunday, July 3rd. Three participants will be selected for the consultations based on the merit of their treatment and their writing experience.

Please note the following in relation to applying for a consultation:

  • A one page treatment will be required. Nothing over this will be considered
  • Also include a logline and a one paragraph synopsis of the feature comedy you are writing
  • Nothing will be considered after the deadline date of June 8th
  • All treatments for consideration should be emailed to

Participant Profile:
Emerging and experienced screenwriters. Screenwriters who wish to submit a treatment must have a feature lenght comedy in development.

Course Profile:
The aim of this workshop is to examine the nuts and bolts of successful comedy writing. The workshop will take the form of lectures and practical exercises.

The outline is as follows:
1. Introduction and Overview
2. Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard
3. Comedy Perception Test – Are you seeing 20/20?
4. Funny vs. Comic – The difference
5. The Comedy Equation
1. Winning
2. Non-Hero
3. Metaphorical Relationships
4. Positive (and Negative) Actions
5. Active Emotion
6. Straight Line/Wavy Line

1. Entire History of Comedy…in 15 minutes.
2. The Commedia Intensive
3. Comedy Structure & Development
4. Comic Premise—The Lie That Tells the Truth
5. Comic Premise Exercises & Analysis
6. The Comedy Paradigm
7. Comedy Writing in Film and Television
8. Jokes and Other Weapons of Mass Distraction
9. Developing Unique Comic Character POVs
10. and Personalities

1. Script Analysis (TV and Film)
2. Clips from classic and current comedy TV
3. Shows and films demonstrating the principles and tools of Comedy
4. Exercises and demonstrations of comedy principles
5. Final Q&A

Hope and Vachon Masterclass

31st March 2011

FAS Screen Training IrelandTutors:

Date: 06/04/2011
Duration: 1 Day
Venue: Dublin
Cost: €40.00

Application Procedure:
Applicants for this course should apply on the website. Please email with any queries.

The deadline for course application is Monday the 4th of April at 14:00.

Participant Profile:
This masterclass is highly recommended for all filmmakers.

Course Profile:
Two of America’s most acclaimed Independent producers, Ted Hope (21 Grams, In The Bedroom, Happiness) and Christine Vachon (Far From Heaven, Boys Don’t Cry, One Hour Photo), will give a unique masterclass in Independent film development, financing, production and distribution. With an emphasis on getting your first feature film produced, the masterclass will cover such topics as:

  • Challenges and opportunities for Independent Producers in the film industry
  • Independent Film Finance
  • Developing projects for the budget
  • Marketing and distribution strategies for independent films
  • Costs of marketing and distribution
  • Strategies for engaging with US festivals, agents and distributors
  • Audience Q&A

This masterclass gives unique access to two of Independent Cinema’s most experienced and respected champions. Between them they share over 100 feature film credits and have been instrumental in starting the careers of some of cinemas most individual talents, including Ang Lee, Todd Solodnz, Michel Gondry, Hal Hartley, Todd Haynes, Mark Romanek and many others.

Inside Applicants

29th March 2011

Inside Pictures 2011Inside Pictures, one of the leading film industry business training and leadership skills development programme has launched its 2011 programme and is now looking for applicants.

In this, its eighth year, there are exciting new developments and for the first time Inside Pictures will be open not only to applicants from the UK but also from across the whole of the European Union. In a further new phase, Qwerty is also forming an exciting new partnership with the National Film and Television School, the UK’s national centre of excellence for postgraduate education, in order to deliver the ambitious new programme.

This year FÁS Screen Training Ireland and Bórd Scannán na hÉireann/Irish Film Board are collaborating with Inside Pictures to offer support of 80% of course fees for up to two eligible and experienced Irish applicants. The successful applicants will be executives and producers who display determination to succeed. They will have at least five years’ experience in film or an associated creative industry such as television.

Application forms can be downloaded from, or requested from the Inside Pictures office via 01494 731 402 or e-mail The deadline for applications is 4th April 2011.

For more information, criteria and full application details, go to, or contact Sorcha Loughnane at FÁS Screen Training Ireland – email; ph: 01 6077468.