Colm Nicell

Colm Nicell
AddressSnackbox Films, Suite 38, Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8.
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Can Write in Irish:NO
Colm is a scriptwriter for TV and film specialising in drama and comedy. He is currently developing a TV comedy series called 'Salt 'n' Vinegar' with a major Irish production company. He is also an experienced Lighting Cameraman having worked with major broadcasters in Ireland, the UK and throughout the Middle East region. Colm has also acted as a camera and lighting consultant to news channels based in the Middle East and can speak basic Arabic.
In Development:

  • 'Salt 'n' Vinegar' - A TV comedy series.

  • 'The Rising' - A comedy feature film based on the 1916 Rising.

  • 'I love him, chocolate and weddings' - A romantic comedy for people who don't like romantic comedies.