Catherine Maher

Catherine Maher
Address90 Heathervue,
Co. Wicklow A63 W726
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Can Write in Irish:NO


By day, a skilled advertising copywriter & commercials producer (TV, Radio, Print, Digital), Catherine uses her downtime (c.f. during global recessions) to produce Comedy-Drama outpourings for TV & Film.  Her 6-part TV drama The South Westerlies (West Cork Ballykissangel meets Borgen with windfarms) is in post-production (Deadpan Pictures/Acorn TV/RTE) scheduled for air on RTE1 Autumn 2020.   Her 6-part sitcom Namaste Bray (yoga meets the dark menopause) is in development with World 2000 Entertainment/Ardmore Studios.  Before that, her first feature screenplay Sweet Solstice (celtic time-travel comedy/adventure) was optioned by Treasure Entertainment in Jan 16.

TV Drama Series (Creator/Writer)

"The South Westerlies" - 6 x 1 hour [a woman on a mission, her teenage son, a Norwegian windfarm that nobody wants, a closely held-secret that must not be revealed and a generous amount of spectacular West Cork & Wicklow scenery too] - Prod: Deadpan Pictures/Acorn TV/RTE

TV Comedy

Sketch Writer – “The Mario Rosenstock Show” (RTE TV:  series 2013 & 2014)

Lead Writer – “Bull Island” (RTE TV & RTE Radio 1: 99 – 2003)


Creator/Writer/Producer – “Driftwood” 30-part Comedy-Drama Serial

(RTE Radio 1: July – August 04)

Writer/Performer – “The Verdict” a PPI-nominated, one-woman half-hour comedy

(RTE Radio 1:  Oct 02)

Lead Writer - “Bull Island Radio Show” (RTE Radio 1: ‘02/’03)

Sketch Writer – “The Sunday Show” (RTE Radio 1: ’91 – ’93)
In Development:Namaste Bray (6 x 30min TV Sitcom) a disgraced air stewardess returns to her home town to set up a yoga studio to pay off her overspending debts (mostly jewellery & gambling) in Dubai/Tokyo/Monte Carlo.  It doesn't go according to plan.