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Brian Gallagher was born in Dublin.  He is a full-time writer whose play DEPARTURE POINT, was a prize winner in the Irish Stage and Screen playwriting competition.  Other plays produced include, PAID IN FULL, FITTING IN, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, A JOB FOR LIFE, DUET, and CAPTIVES. Radio drama for RTE includes THE LAST SUMMER, I’LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO, FUNNY ’OL GAME, INCENTIVE SCHEME, OVER THE MOON, A CHANGE OF MIND, SICK AS A PARROT, and eighty episodes of RIVER RUN.

He has adapted DUET, FITTING IN, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, A JOB FOR LIFE, and CAPTIVES for RTE. He studied dramatic structure at the Arvon Foundation in Devon, and his plays and short stories have been produced and published in Ireland, Britain, and Canada.

He is the author of the adult novels INVINCIBLE, FLIGHT, PAYBACK, and PURSUIT. In recent years he has written children’s historical fiction for O’Brien press, producing the novels ACROSS THE DIVIDE, TAKING SIDES, STORMCLOUDS and SECRET AND SHADOWS (short-listed for the West Sussex Book Award, and the Sakura Medal, Japan)

He wrote the narrative for THE CELTIC EXPERIENCE, which represented Ireland in the Aruba International Drama Festival, and he wrote the original screenplay HALF BOARD, and story and scripts for many episodes of FAIR CITY, for RTE television.

He collaborated with composer Shaun Purcell, writing the book and lyrics for the musical LARKIN, which was the opening production at the Liberty Hall Theatre, and they collaborated again on WINDS OF CHANGE, a  musical broadcast by RTE Lyric FM and on SONGS OF REJOYCING a musical broadcast on East Coast Radio.

He has written and produced radio documentaries for RTE Radio One, Lyric Fm, Newstalk,  Liffey Fm, East Coast FM, Limerick Live 95 and Clare FM

His latest novel, FRIEND OR FOE, was published by O’Brien Press in March 2015.
TV:Approx 100 episodes of Fair City for RTE
Radio:80 episodes of RTE series RiverRun.

Short-listed for Sakura Medal - literature.

Short-listed for West Sussex Book award.