Anne McCabe

Anne McCabe
Address Galway
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Can Write in Irish:YES

Writer, director, producer and script editor, inspired by true stories. Worked on both sides of the desk in two national Irish broadcasters, RTE and TG4, and as script consultant for MEDIA, the European Script Fund, and also in theatre.

Recent work: Director  3 x 60' episodes of the drama series, DECEPTION, for TV3, with Jim Norton; co-wrote first episode of the TV drama series, JACK TAYLOR- THE GUARDS, with Iain Glen, for TV3 and ZDF, Germany. Sold to Canada, UK and many other territories.

Wrote and directed J.J. BIKER, a drama about Aids for RTE with Brendan Gleeson, Maria Doyle-Kennedy and Liam Carney. National TV award is for feature documentary about Aids orphans in Dublin, THEY CALL ME MAMMY NOW.

UNDER THE AVALANCHE-a novel about secrets and shame in a Wicklow  valley, inspired by the Kerry Babies murder. Available on Amazon.

The Guards (Jack Taylor) -1 x 90' - Drama -  TV3/ZDF.

J.J. Biker - 1 x 70' - Drama - RTÉ.

They Call me Mammy Now -1 x 60' - Documentary - RTE.

Private Lives -12 x 25' - TV series -  RTÉ.

The FairyTaler - 2 x 15' - animation - RTL.

IRISH:  Adharca Fada (Green Horns) -  2 x 25' - TV drama series - TG4 / BBC N. I.

Ros na Rún- 1 x 25' - soap - TG4.
Radio:Aoife's Diary- 1 x 30' - RTE Drama.
In Development:

CURRENT: Divorce Irish Style -  1 x 90' Feature Rom-Com.

PAST: Eco Cops - 12 x 60', EBU  /  Jack Taylor - 3 x 90', TV3, ZDF  /  Swan Song - 1 x 90', IFB  / The Courtship Gift -1 x 90', RTL / Hitched and Stitched - 3 x 60', RTE.

IRISH: 'Adharca Fada' (Green Horns') -12 x 25, TG4 / Northern Ireland Screen.
Uncomissioned:NOVEL: 'Under the Avalanche' Published 2011. Family saga about three generations of women in a Wicklow valley, about buried secrets and shame. Inspired by the Kerry Babies' murder case.

Jacob's Award (now IFTA, Irish TV Awards) for documentary.

Celtic TV Festival-Documentary- They Call me Mammy Now.

B.A. First Class English, UCD.

M.A. Modern English Literature, UCD

SOURCES, Script Programme, MEDIA.