J K Marshall

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Can Write in Irish:NO

I've always loved the art of storytelling as it allows us to connect with people through time and space, linking us from the distant past to a future that’s yet to be written. Art forms whether its music, books, film etc. let us experience sights, sound, voices and feeling of people we may never meet but who become part of our existence.

We let these artists and characters inside our heads and hearts as they communicate so beautifully what's going on in theirs. It’s a gift that humanity gave itself. Something in our genetic code makes us want to entertain and connect, stemming back to early ancestors drawing cave paintings and telling stories as they gazed into dancing flames. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?
Film:Writer -Lukas & Klaus (short film) Writer/Director/Editor - The Informer (short film) Writer/Editor - Stickman (short film) Editor - Everything Irish (short film) Writer/Director/Editor/Co. Producer -Nameless (feature film)
New Media:Camera op/editor - Tbks (online music show)
In Development:Writer - The System (feature script) Writer - The Actor (feature script)
Qualifications:BA in film