Dermot Davis

Dermot Davis
Phone+353 86-369-2712
AddressDublin & Los Angeles
Member Type:Member
Can Write in Irish:NO
Dermot is an Irish and American writer who splits his time between Ireland and the US. As a playwright, he is a recipient of the O.Z. WHITEHEAD AWARD. He is a Gold Medalist Winner in the 2015 READER’S FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD, a SOMERSET AWARDS FIRST PLACE WINNER 2013, a First Place Winner in the 2013 USA BEST BOOK AWARDS and a Finalist in the 2013 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS. He is a member of the Irish Writers Centre (Professional member), The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights and SAG-AFTRA.
Film:Rumple's Way (commission), Canopy Productions, LA. The Corn King (commission), 7th Ray Entertainment, LA. Smart Kids (commission), Indie Director, LA. The Bad Monk (optioned), DeLaRosa Productions, LA.
TV:6 Episode TV Drama Series Story and Character Bible - Icebox Films, Dublin - 2019
Theatre:Caged Theatre Banshee, Burbank, CA (2015) All About Love Celtic Arts Center Hollywood, CA (1991) Love Lies Bleeding Playwright's Platform Boston, MA (1991) Tales from the Old Sod PiccoloSpoleto Festival Charleston, SC (1990)

Emerging Screenwriters Contest Finalist 2019

Austin Film Festival Semi-Finalist

O.Z. Whitehead Playwriting Award