Writers Groups

The WGI has helped start writers groups in both Dublin and Galway.

Here’s some information about them from the group co-ordinators:

  • Dublin – Screenwriters Group
  • Dublin – Playwrights and Screenwriters Group
  • Galway – Scriptwriters Group


WriteAre you a screenwriter? Do you need therapy? Sometimes we all need to talk… movies. Specifically, the highs and lows of writing ‘em.

The IPSG Screenwriters Group meet every two weeks in Temple Bar, Dublin, to discuss our screenplays and talk about the movie world in general.

If you’re interested in joining, email the Guild at info@script.ie, marking your email ‘FAO John Snee’ in the subject line.

John Snee
Dublin Screenwriters Group


Ever thought about joining a writers’ group?

Being a writer can be, by its nature, a fairly solitary existence so being part of a group can be invaluable. As well as the companionship, it is also important to have someone (who isn’t your mammy) with whom you can share your writing, get (honest!) criticism from and bounce ideas off.

The Dublin Playwrights and Screenwriters Group (apologies for the long title) is one of two groups which meet every two weeks in Filmbase in Temple Bar, Dublin, to discuss our stage and screen writing projects and generally chat about what’s going on in the writing world.

If you think a group would be helpful to you and your writing, we would like to invite you to come along to one of our meetings to see if you would like to join. You can get in touch email the Guild at info@script.ie marking your email ‘FAO Paul FitzSimons’ in the subject line, and we can arrange for you to come to the next meeting.

Happy writing!

Paul FitzSimons
Dublin Playwrights and Screenwriters Group


From Bill Nicholson’s speech at the launch of the International Screenwriters’ Festival, 2006:

“If we can develop a whole body of screenwriters with that mentality, which is very pragmatic, very craft-based, very open to everybody else who wants to make a contribution – including by the way, some people who you may not want to have contributions from at all, like the actors – [...] – I had this with Russell Crowe on Gladiator – I remember him saying, “Your lines are garbage but I’m the greatest actor in the world, and I can make even garbage sound good” – and you know what? He is the greatest actor in the world, or one of them. He’s very, very good, and probably my lines were garbage, so he was just talking straight. But you have to be able to deal with that as well and you have to be able to roll with that, as well.

“[...] we need to help each other. We need confidence. And that is very, very hard. We need to feel that we’re among friends. That we can share our anxieties, our problems and our scripts, and get support, and not feel that we’ll have our ideas stolen or that people will piss all over us. I would love to see some place where screenwriters can actually meet and talk and say, “Look, I’m working on this, what do you think?” And share the problems. Because the basis of everything I’m saying is confidence.”

“To have an ego under control, you have to be confident. To accept criticism, you have to be confident. To take in other ideas, you have to be confident. Where the hell are we to get confidence from? We’re all terrified of failure. But I think we can give it to each other. [...] it’s a lonely business being a screenwriter. It’s like being a gladiator. You sit all alone in a cage for a very long time and then they throw lions at you. It’s very, very tough. So let’s form some kind of body between us, that shares experiences… [...] … anything that can give us more of a unity and more of an opportunity to work together, I applaud. Beyond that, frankly, all we’ve got is our talent.”

Words to keep in mind… writers need each other. And we’re here for each other.

The Galway Scriptwriters’ Group has been going since 2006 and contains a mix of professional screenwriters, aspiring screenwriters, screenwriting students and graduates as well as playwrights. Members of all levels of experience are welcome, and indeed members of all levels of experience have joined in the past and found the discussions and feedback beneficial.

We discuss anything of interest that is related to writing for screen and stage – art, business and craft – as well as exchange material for feedback. Members have honed their project pitches in the group to fill them with confidence as they went on to present them elsewhere. And graduates from the Huston Film School’s MA Screenwriting program have found a haven in the group as they continued their work. We have also had guest speakers from the industry, as well as the Film Board and the Guild.

The group meets every other Thursday, with a hiatus in July and August. If you’re interested, please contact me at the e-mail address below for further details – no obligation on your part.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Armin Prediger
Galway Scriptwriters’ Group