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The Practice of Writing

1st March 2010 by Maura McHugh

Novelist and dramaturge, Mia Gallagher, is running a course in the Irish Writers Centre called “The Practice of Writing”, on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March from 10.30am – 4.30pm.

There is no generic ‘how-to’ when it comes to writing. Each writer is different, with a different mesh of concerns, obsessions, interests, habits, challenges, strengths, fears, hopes and blindspots. All these various elements are what make up an individual practice. But a practice needs to be practised in order to get richer, more informed, more vital and, hopefully, generate more meaningful output.

This workshop is aimed at people who want to deepen their awareness of their writing process with a view to sustaining their writing practice in the long-term. Using elements which are key to the facilitator’s own practice – reading, dialogue, field trips, dedicated writing time, entertainment and critiquing – participants will explore ways of generating material, engaging with content and form and challenging their own (and others’) received notions of writing.

The cost of the two-day event is €160 and can be booked online.

Fingal Writers Competition

10th February 2010 by Maura McHugh

Writers living in the Fingal area might be interested in a writing opportunity courtesy of the Arts Office of Fingal County Council.


As part of an existing for art scheme project, artist Brian Duggan wishes to commission three short texts for a publication, to accompany / in parallel to his project O Machine, O Machine.

The Brief

This an open brief asking writers to respond to the theme Three Thousand and Nine , this projected view of the future can be taken from many perspectives, from the broad world view or an object, place, people, specific viewpoint, it leaves room for both a philosophical enquiry or a personal story. The brief extends to include fictional, imaginative, realist, crime, science fiction, drama, documentary and any other type of genre text.

The Opportunity

Three winning entries will be selected by an expert panel chaired by the artist and given a remuneration of €333 each.

The closing Date for entries is 17 March 2010, and further information on how to apply is available from the web site.

iad-T in the Park, January

29th January 2010 by Maura McHugh

The January iad-T in the Park takes place this Saturday 30th January, at the Tea Rooms in the People’s Park in Dun Laoghaire. The event is hosted by Mia Gallagher, writer-in-residence at the IADT, and the theme is: Murder on the Bookshelves (crime fiction).

12noon: Writing the Dark Side (workshop). A fun workshop exploring how to get the most out of your dark side, structure suspense and play with horror and thriller motifs.

2pm: Readings & discussion by Declan Hughes and other crime writers.

Artist in the Community

28th January 2010 by Maura McHugh

Create has announced information about the Artist in the Community Scheme 2010, which it manages for the Arts Council.

Twice yearly, the Arts Council offers grants to enable artists and communities of place/or interest to work together on projects. The scheme is open to artists from any of the following artform disciplines: architecture, circus, street art and spectacle, dance, film, literature (Irish and English language), music, opera, theatre, visual arts and traditional arts.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage meaningful collaboration between communities of place and/or interest and artists. It is essential that consultation take place between the artist and the community group, so that both parties are involved in deciding on the nature of the project realisation. Group ownership of the art should be maintained at every stage. The Project Realisation may result in a variety of outcomes.

There are two phases to the Artist in the Community (AIC) scheme:

Phase One, Research & Development, is open to artists who wish to research and develop a project in a community context. Maximum time frame is 3 months. The maximum amount awarded in Phase One is €1,000.

New this year: Phase One, Research & Development/Mentoring is open to artists who wish to develop a community based project and who have identified an artist mentor they want to work with a during the research and development phase. The maximum award is €1500, which includes €500 fee payable to the mentor.

Deadlines in 2010: Friday 26 February 5pm and Friday 25 June 5pm.

Phase Two, Project Realisation, is open to communities of interest or place (or their representative organisations), planning a project of between 6 weeks and 5 months duration with a maximum award of €5000, and those who are planning a project of between 6 months and 9 months with a maximum award of €10,000.

Deadlines in 2010: Friday 26 February 5pm and Friday 25 June 5pm.

For further information on application criteria and assessment, or to book an advisory session about the Scheme, contact Katherine Atkinson, Professional Development, 01-4736600 or email

Application forms are available from the web site.

Residencies in Paris

2nd December 2009 by Maura McHugh

Irish artists can apply for a number of artistic residencies at the Centre Culturel Irlandais/Irish College in Paris.

Artists-in-residence have been appointed on an annual basis since the Centre Culturel Irlandais opened in the Irish College in October 2002. Residency gives the recipient the chance to spend time in Paris and engage with one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.

Through the residencies and its own cultural programme, the Centre Culturel Irlandais showcases Ireland’s dynamic contemporary culture and strong historical traditions on an international stage.

Guidelines for Applicants for Residency Bursary
The Centre Culturel Irlandais is a resource for Irish artists and the artist-in-residence is given the opportunity to tap into all that the Centre and Paris has to offer. The combination of living and working in these historic and atmospheric surroundings, in one of the most cultured cities in the world, helps to channel a rich influence towards Ireland and its artistic community, as well as providing a benefit to each individual who resides in the Centre.

Applicants must be either:

  1. Irish citizens with full-time professional involvement in creative practice.
  2. French professional artists whose work demonstrates an Irish dimension, who are resident in Ireland or have another clear link.
  3. Artists with a body of work with a distinct Irish element, and who would benefit from a connection with France and Paris.

Information on how to apply is available from the web site.

For a residency between September 2010 and July 2011, the deadline for applications is Friday 29 January 2010.