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Creative Writing Exhibition

30th April 2009 by Maura McHugh

The Temple Bar Cultural Trust has announced that the all new Creative Writing Exhibition will take place at the No Grants Gallery from May 1st – 15th at the Temple Bar Cultural Information Centre, 12 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

This celebration, including all forms of writing such as poetry and lyrics, will showcase a range of works from both established and up-coming writers.

Each piece of work will be framed and on exhibition at our recession busting No Grants Gallery right here in Temple Bar, Dublin’s Cultural Quarter! Writers will illustrate their writing with imagery guides which will accompany their work.

Lunchtime readings will also take place throughout the 2 weeks so log on to for more details soon. The exhibition will officially launch on Tuesday May 5th with an open-mic evening from 6 – 8pm offering everyone an opportunity to discuss the written word.

Speaking about the new Creative Writing Exhibition, Gallery curator Carol Eakins said “This exhibition is a celebration of verbal, visual and performance art and an opportunity to show the written word combined with an artistic eye and the spoken tongue to bring all creative writing to life. As a curator, artist and poet myself the creative writing exhibition is an opportunity for writers both professional and amateur to exhibit their work in an environment that shares their passion and enthusiasm for the arts.”

Blogs and the Industry

4th May 2007 by Maura McHugh

Ann Thompson, deputy editor at Variety, has posted an article on how blogging is reshaping the coverage of films in Hollywood and beyond:

Many media outlets are building online traffic by giving their best-known writers blogs. While fact- and spell-checking is still de rigueur, so are more personal statements of point-of-view and opinion. On a blog, writers can get away with a heartfelt lack of objectivity that they can’t inside the strictures of the newsroom. New York Post critic Lou Lumenick is one of a growing number of daily newspaper critics who are reaching out to readers via blogs. Other notables: the Boston Globe’s Ty Burr, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Carrie Rickey and the Oregonian’s Shawn Levy. (Some ex-print critics have developed their own online followings, including, and

New York Magazine and Conde Nast’s Portfolio just launched a rash of new culture blogs. New York Times media writer David Carr conducts video interviews for his seasonal Oscar blog, the Carpetbagger, while the Los Angeles Times’ the Envelope offers party and awards coverage all year long.

In the media industry, blogging is part and parcel of the business now.