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Redford for Dublin

3rd July 2008 by Maura McHugh

According to the Irish Examiner Hollywood actor and filmmaker, Robert Redford, will visit Dublin next week. He will take part in a public interview, hosted by the School of Drama, Film and Music at Trinity College. Film reviewer, Michael Dwyer, will conduct the interview in TCD’s Edmund Burke Theatre.

Euro Filmmaking

17th June 2008 by Maura McHugh

EuroNews has an interesting interview with Romanian writer-director Cristian Mungiu, whose film 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days won last year’s Palme d’Or. Cristian discusses European filmmaking and what it has to offer compared to mainstream blockbuster movies.

Eden at Light House

30th May 2008 by Maura McHugh

There will be a special screening of Eden, written by Eugene O’Brien and directed by Declan Recks, at the Light House Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin on Saturday the 31st May at 9.00pm.

To mark the Annual General Meeting of FERA, the European Directors organisation, which is going on in Dublin this weekend, the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild in conjunction with the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland is organising the screening along with a discussion afterwards with O’Brien and Recks moderated by Swedish Writer/Director Birgitte Stærmose.

O’Brien and Recks will discuss their collaboration on the screenplay for Eden, explore the intricate relationship between director and writer, and how this relationship is a unique dynamic within the film-making community.

Book your seats early!

Jordan Interviews Ullmann

30th May 2008 by Maura McHugh

At 17.30 today the IFI will show Faithless, which is directed by Liv Ullmann from a script by the late Ingmar Bergman. The event is sponsored by FÁS/Screen Training Ireland.

After the screening Neil Jordan will conduct a public interview with Liv Ullmann.