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The Role of the Showrunner – Breaking the Mould

3rd March 2021

Screen Skills Ireland in association with MediaXchange are offering a webinar series The Role of the Showrunner – Breaking the Mould.

Date: Tuesday 23rd March – Thursday 15th April 2021, twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday
Duration: 8 x 60 minute sessions (4pm – 5pm)
Venue: Online
Cost: €100

Leading Showrunners will deliver acute insights into the dual role of developing and sustaining the vision of a show and managing the writing and production practices.

This webinar series aims to provide an opportunity for writers, producers and executives working in drama to consider and examine elements to apply to their own process. Providing inspiration, by comparing and contrasting the best practices shared by Showrunners of successful limited and returning drama series from the US. Each speaker will offer perspectives on their varied approaches, from the creation of the concept and pitching, through development, pre-production, production and post.


Terence Winter Tokyo Underworld, Vinyl, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos
David Shore House, The Good Doctor
Soo Hugh Pachinko, The Terror, The Killing
Todd Kessler Bloodline, Damages
Maria Feldman False Flag, Fauda, No Man’s Land
Cheo Hodari Coker Luke Cage, Southland
Adi Hasak The Box, Margeaux, Shades of Blue, Eyewitness
Sarah Timberman Unbelievable, Elementary, Masters of Sex, Justified
Susannah Grant Unbelievable, A Gifted Man, Erin Brockovich
Tuesday, March 23rd: Creating original shows from true stories, the challenges of mingling real and fictional characters
Thursday, March 25th: Showrunners and the role of Executive Producers
Tuesday March 30th: Finding creative freedom within superhero brands
Thursday April 1st: Spotlighting the key elements in securing, managing and directing your stars and cast
Tuesday, April 6th: Building lead characters in ensemble shows and how they help sustain the success of long running series
Thursday April 8th: Creating the vision for genre and period drama shows
Tuesday, April 13th: The Creator/Showrunner as a ‘creative studio’: practical comparisons between the US and international options
Thursday April 15th: Examining the collaborative partnership between Creators and Executive Producers

Participant Profile: Aimed at experienced writers, creative producers and executives who wish to gain further expertise in Showrunning and the associated developing, writing and producing for limited and returning television drama. Participants must have industry track record with at least two paid professional writing/producing/executive television credits.
Please apply online by 12pm on Thursday, 11th March 2021 with your up to date CV.

Apply here.

WGI would like to thank Screen Skills Ireland for acting on our suggestion to subsidize this excellent course to make it possible for Irish writers to participate. If we are to grow the International TV production model here, more and more Irish writers will need to step up to the role of Showrunner/ Executive Producer which is the dominant model in US and increasingly in the UK. This course will give Irish writers a really good insight into what that actually entails.

The Graft of the Craft

24th November 2015

How Can Irish Scriptwriters Make a Living?

The WGI, in association with Screen Training Ireland, is organising a free one-day seminar on ‘The Graft of the Craft: How Can Irish Scriptwriters Make a Living?’.

It will take place from 10.00am – 12.30pm on Friday, 11 December, 2015, at 2nd Floor, Arthouse, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Participant Profile

This seminar is for scriptwriters who are currently writing for the Irish industry or who have done so in the past, but who would have primarily written for one sector to date, and would like to broaden their scope.

Course Profile

This seminar will consist of a panel of three writers who have extensive experience writing for more than one sector in the Irish industry. Between them they have written many successful stage plays, television drama series, radio plays, feature films and web series.

The panel will address the overall question as to whether Irish scriptwriters can make a living writing scripts for the Irish industry. Within this topic, they will give advice on how best to work across multiple sectors; whether multi-sector writing beats specialisation in one sector; whether different sectors demand different skill sets and how to actually pay the bills while you’re doing all of this!

The panel will share their experience and advice on these issues and will answer participants’ questions throughout.

Writers’ Panel

Gary Duggan is a playwright and screenwriter. He co-wrote RTE’s very successful series Amber, along with numerous stage plays including Monged, Shibari, Trans-Euro Express and Neuropolis. He writes regularly on Fair City and has also written radio drama and web series including Storyland.

Lauren Mackenzie has written extensively for television and film and is known for her writing on many successful Irish TV drama series such as Pure Mule, Fair City, Bachelors Walk, Deception, Na Cloigne and The Clinic. Her horror feature film The Daisy Chain starred Samantha Morton and she is currently writing for TV3’s Red Rock.

Christian O’Reilly is a playwright, screenwriter and radio writer. His plays include Is This About Sex? , Chapatti and It Just Came Out.  As well as having penned the acclaimed feature film Inside I’m Dancing, he has also written extensively for Irish and British television, including On Home Ground, Deception, Red Rock, Doctors, Holby City and Eastenders.

Chair/Moderator: David Kavanagh, CEO of the Writers’ Guild of Ireland


Please apply online at the web site.

Space is limited so booking is essential.

For further details contact the Writers’ Guild of Ireland at; ph: (01) 670 9970.

First Feature Script to Screen

27th September 2011

The IPSG is pleased to annouce a half-day seminar called First Feature Script to Screen, organised in conjunction with FÁS Screen Training Ireland and the IADT.

It will take place on Monday 24th October 2011 in Dublin (location TBC).

Participant Profile

This free seminar is aimed at screenwriters seeking to enhance their understanding of the process of getting a feature script produced.

Course Profile

The Irish Playwrights & Screenwriters Guild, FÁS Screen Training Ireland and IADT present a seminar for writers focusing on the development of first features from script to screen.

This seminar will explore the various methods through which writers have had their first features produced. The journey from script to screen can be long and difficult; writers will describe the different ways in which they have successfully navigated the development process.

The seminar will cover the following:

  • In the Beginning – brief summary of the kind of stories and genres each writer has written; what stage of development their scripts had reached
  • Creative realisation – how to find creative mentors, script-editors, a producer, a director
  • Collaboration – what’s the ideal amount of collaboration on a script? Who to collaborate with and when? Considerations involved in co-writing
  • Where to send your draft – understanding the market – audience, production companies, distributors
  • Developing multiple projects
  • Negotiating and signing contracts, redrafts, polishes, payments
  • Funding – the various avenues for funding, pros and cons, control of work, implications etc.
  • Overall pros & cons of funding options – of low-budget/catalyst/no budget!/ development & shoot time etc
  • The writer’s involvement in the whole process and their ultimate satisfaction or otherwise with the finished film
  • Regrets I’ve Had a Few – three bits of advice to writers of first features
  • Q & A – from the audience

Speaker Profiles

Terry McMahon – writer-director-producer, Charlie Casanova
Ciaran Creagh – writer, Parked
Lauren Mackenzie – writer, The Daisy Chain
Conor Horgan – writer-director, One Hundred Mornings
David Keating (Chair) – director, The Wake Wood, Last of the High Kings
*other speakers TBC


Apply online at

Deadline for applications: Monday 17th October 2011.

Comedy Feature Writing Workshop

16th May 2011

FAS Screen Training IrelandFÁS Screen Training Ireland is running a Feature Comedy Writing Workshop taught by Steve Kaplan from 1-2 July, 2010 in Galway. Cost: €150.

Application Procedure:
Application Procedure: Please apply online at submitting a current CV by Wednesday the 8th of June. Applicants who wish to be considered for a consultation with Steve Kaplan should be aware of all the information below. Screenwriters with feature length comedies in development are invited to apply for a consultation with Steve Kaplan. Steve is a US based consultant and script doctor for comedy writers in the area of Features and TV. He has worked in this area for 15 years and his clients include companies such as DreamWorks, Disney, HBO, Paramount, Touchstone and others. Steve has also taught at UCLA, NYU, Yale and other universities. The consultations will take place in Galway on Sunday, July 3rd. Three participants will be selected for the consultations based on the merit of their treatment and their writing experience.

Please note the following in relation to applying for a consultation:

  • A one page treatment will be required. Nothing over this will be considered
  • Also include a logline and a one paragraph synopsis of the feature comedy you are writing
  • Nothing will be considered after the deadline date of June 8th
  • All treatments for consideration should be emailed to

Participant Profile:
Emerging and experienced screenwriters. Screenwriters who wish to submit a treatment must have a feature lenght comedy in development.

Course Profile:
The aim of this workshop is to examine the nuts and bolts of successful comedy writing. The workshop will take the form of lectures and practical exercises.

The outline is as follows:
1. Introduction and Overview
2. Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard
3. Comedy Perception Test – Are you seeing 20/20?
4. Funny vs. Comic – The difference
5. The Comedy Equation
1. Winning
2. Non-Hero
3. Metaphorical Relationships
4. Positive (and Negative) Actions
5. Active Emotion
6. Straight Line/Wavy Line

1. Entire History of Comedy…in 15 minutes.
2. The Commedia Intensive
3. Comedy Structure & Development
4. Comic Premise—The Lie That Tells the Truth
5. Comic Premise Exercises & Analysis
6. The Comedy Paradigm
7. Comedy Writing in Film and Television
8. Jokes and Other Weapons of Mass Distraction
9. Developing Unique Comic Character POVs
10. and Personalities

1. Script Analysis (TV and Film)
2. Clips from classic and current comedy TV
3. Shows and films demonstrating the principles and tools of Comedy
4. Exercises and demonstrations of comedy principles
5. Final Q&A

Treatments and Outlines

14th April 2011

Galway Film CentreThe Galway Film Centre is running this short four-hour course on Friday May 13 (11am – 3pm), tutored by Mark McIlrath

What are Treatments and Step Outlines? Why are they necessary? What they are not? The workshop will look at how the Industry uses Treatments and Step Outlines and what producers and funders expect. Is there an Industry standard or is it about what works? What about length?

This workshop is aimed at scriptwriters who feel they’d like to understand these formats better. This workshop will involve in class exercises.

To apply or for more info, contact Mary at or phone 091-770748.

Fee: €65 unwaged/€75 waged. Those that have done a course with us within the last year: €58.50 unwaged/€67.50 waged

The course is limited to 8 places.