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Galway Picture Palace

21st May 2007

According to The Galway Advertiser Galway will get a new arthouse cinema, called the Galway Picture Palace, within two years.

At last week’s city council meeting a group called Solas, which represents the Galway Film Society, the Galway Film Fleadh, the Galway Film Centre, and the Galway Arts Centre, made a presentation regarding the project.

The group called for a four storey arthouse cinema to be built on Lower Merchants Road in Galway. The ground floor will have a box office, café, book shop, DVD store, and garden area. The first floor will have a 160 seat cinema and the second floor will have a 90 seat cinema. The top floor will have a bar/ restaurant with a ‘terrace effect’.

The Galway City Council will buy the proposed site for the cinema for €1.8 million. A loan will be taken to pay for this and it will be repaid over five years from development contributions. The council will give the cinema to Solas on a long lease for a nominal fee. The cinema should be open to the public with the next year/two years.

Why Experiment?

24th April 2007

Charles McNulty at the LA Times considers the trends in awards for American drama, and the Pultizer Prize in particular, and wonders if cutting-edge playwriting has a chance to succeed if it is not rewarded by critical attention, or honoured for its achievements.

Spill in London

4th April 2007

Fans of experimental theatre will be interested in the inaugural Spill Festival that is running in venues across London at the moment until April 22.

During the programme of performance, live art, and experimental theatre, there will be the Spill Symposium, produced in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency. It will take place at Soho Theatre, London on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 April 2007 from 10.00 to 17.30.

The two day Symposium sets out to consider different ways of working with the production, presentation, distribution and discussion of contemporary theatre and performance practices, and propose new models for a more sustainable future. The first day of the symposium will be structured around conceptual issues: polemics and presentations asking what kind of forms contemporary theatre and performance can take, what are the lineages of such work, who are they for, where can they be located, what can they do and say, what can be said about them, and why they are important. The second day will be structured around more practical and discussions: case studies and models of practices around these questions and particularly in relation to the making and touring of contemporary work, to the sharing of existing models, and to the propositions of future strategies for cultural frameworks, critical dialogues and new audiences.

Lynch in Paris

29th March 2007

Anyone fancying a trip to Paris in the coming weeks, might want to visit David Lynch’s “The Air is On Fire” installation, which occupies the three floors of the The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain until May 27.

Maxim Jakubowski has written about the multi-media exhibition on the Guardian blog. The showing features Lynch’s artwork, short films, and photography, and is set off by his own musical composition.

It would be a perfectly weird hiatus between glasses of wine and sumptuous meals.