Legal Structure

The Writers Guild of Ireland is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Ireland.

All members can request a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of the company.

The Memorandum of the company lists the objectives as:

The main object for which the company is established is to promote the study and improve the understanding of arts as defined in the Arts Act 1951 and 1970 and to give effect to this to take over the assets and liabilities of the unincorporated body operating under the style “the Society of Irish Playwrights” which shall cease to exist with effect from the date of incorporation hereof.

In furtherance of the above object but not otherwise the Company shall have the following powers:-

Promoting the art and craft of writing for the dramatic arts in Ireland, including, but not limited to, writing for film, television, radio and stage.

To establish a centre for the collation and dissemination of information, and the provision of all and any services or facilities which will promote the position of the writer for the dramatic arts in Ireland.

To establish an information facility to promote the work of individual writers by disseminating information about that writers work by either newsletter or internet.

To represent writers for the dramatic arts in any negotiations on matters concerning their work and living conditions or any other matters of concern to them.

To provide, or to provide support for the provision by others, of courses of training and or education for the writers.

To undertake all such other activities as may have the effect of improving the position of writers and writing for the dramatic arts in Ireland.