Authors Licensing and Collecting Society

The WGI has entered into an agreement with the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society, which is a London-based collection society. The arrangement allows the ALCS to collect monies due to members of the Guild for distribution by the Guild to its members.

European Writers Congress

The Guild is a member of the European Writers Congress, which campaigns in the EU on issues of relevance to European writers.

Federation of Scriptwriters in Europe

The Guild is a founder member of the Federation of Scriptwriters in Europe. A board member of the Guild is the treasurer of this organisation which brings together all of the writers organisations of Europe.

International affiliation of Writers Guilds

The Guild is a full member of the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds which encompasses the Australian, New Zealand, Canadian (both English and French speaking) the British and the American (East and West) Guilds. The IAWG meets twice a year and provides a very important exchange of information between Guilds, as well as practical support for writers from one country when they are contracting in the territory of the other Guilds.

The National Theatre

The Guild nominates two persons to be shareholders of the National Theatre. At present these are John Lynch and Jimmy Murphy.


The Guild is affiliated to SIPTU, Ireland’s largest trade union.

Writers Guild of Great Britain

The WGI has come to an agreement with the WGGB, which allows writers from one country to be treated as if they were in the Guild of the other country when contracting to work there. Please contact us if you want the details of the exact terms and conditions.