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FSE Online Meeting on Audio

19th April 2021

The Federation of Screenwriters in Europe are proposing a discussion on writing for audio (radio writers, audio drama, fiction podcasts…) by Zoom on Thursday, 27th May at 10:30 Brussels time and have invited WGI members to participate.

Any interested members can drop us a line at with the subject line ‘FSE Writing for Audio discussion’

Creativity Wanted

18th April 2021

WGI has joined an international campaign to improve and standardize the writer contracting practices of multi-national streaming platforms globally organised by the International Association of Writers Guilds (IAWG). We need a snappy, clever name for the initiative, and we hope that you – our members – can help. Let us tell you a little more and see if inspiration strikes. The objectives of the campaign are to

  • Provide member guilds with a set of minimum remuneration standards to communicate to companies for inclusion in contracts/agreements: payment stages, residuals, royalties
  • End secretive practices such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) on contracts and obligate the SVODs to provide universally-accepted metrics for determining the value of intellectual property on SVOD platforms. It’s impossible to establish ‘fair remuneration’ if you don’t know how successful your work has been
  • Obtain viewer data for both determining value and creator feedback
  • Stop buyouts
  • Share the profit

So, over to you! Drop us a line at with the subject line ‘SVOD Campaign Name’ – see, it just doesn’t trip off the tongue, does it?