The Guild Invite your comments & questions on Screen Ireland’s new guidelines FOR FEATURE FILM DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT

3rd April 2020

Following on from its announcement regarding the revised guidelines across feature film development funding categories, Screen Ireland are inviting comment and questions about the changes, which will be put by the Guild on your behalf next week (tentatively Wednesday). You can read the Screen Ireland press release here access the guidelines and forms on Monday. Please read them carefully and send points you want raised to us by Tuesday at the latest at with subject line: ‘New SI guidelines’ and we will put as many as we can to Screen Ireland.

You may have concerns about the status of ‘Writer-only’ applications which have steadily reduced in number to the point of extinction and what that says about Screen Ireland’s commitment to the craft and profession of screenwriting.
You may have questions about the ‘Spotlight’ scheme and its efficacy.
You may wish to see a rider to development contracts offered to Production companies which mandates that writers receive fair and proportional pay for the work they have done which cannot be waived as a deferral if the producer takes a fee out of the funds.
You may have concerns that the ‘trickle-down economics’ theory of funding development through production companies unfairly privileges producers and does not provide sufficient income to provide professional screenwriters with a viable income.
You may feel that the feedback process for unsuccessful development applications is excessively cursory and unhelpful.

Whatever your questions are, we welcome them and we will endeavour to get answers.

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